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  1. WiiPro
  2. moinshung
  3. TheHydraPhoenix
  4. Sloww
    been a min
  5. Arsenal
    Merry Christmas! Been a while since I’ve been on, don’t expect me back. Glad things are alright here at the squad <3
  6. Sergio Saucedo
    Sergio Saucedo
    Applied for Helper
  7. Finalninjadog
    Came online today (cuzynot) and flawed another pessimist who claimed the server's dead. Been a while since I've done that. Ah, good times...
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    2. Finalninjadog
      I’ve created entire threads to rant? The only thread I recall which I purposely discuss the dead server argument is my most recent one, even then it was also about my Skyblock island. So until you provide some proof that I’ve created “multiple threads” to rant about the matter, that argument is flawed.
      Jan 9, 2018
    3. Finalninjadog
      Not even half of what I’ve written? Good for you. You’ve attempted to flaw my actions and, like those who came before, you failed to do so successfully. Your argument is full of assumptuous, speculations and bold claims which have already been flawed or have no valid proof and your attempts at keeping your views anonymous have failed. So most of your response doesn’t amount to anything anyway.
      Jan 9, 2018
    4. Finalninjadog
      The sad part is that if you actually respond, you’ll likely be using points and logic I’ve already answered or flawed either here or elsewhere on the forums which you have obviously failed to research properly. I’m allowed to express my opinions and write in as much detail as I like. If you don’t like it, too bad, cause other than flawing your argument, I don’t care what you think
      Jan 9, 2018
  8. Notch
    Notch is always watching
  9. NickLuvsLego
  10. Oztech9
    I'd like to know what everybody on this forum is up to now, just curious
  11. AniJan
    AniJan AnZohPvP
    i finally understand where your pfp comes from.

  12. SuperSkull04
  13. SiegeFamos
    Rip this server
  14. Goran
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    2. NickLuvsLego
      Dec 4, 2017
  15. AnZohPvP
    Holy shit I forgot about this
  16. Goran
    Goran FlashyOG/xXFireSheepXx
    is it flashy the hackor?
  17. NickLuvsLego
  18. Finalninjadog
    Had a look over the my posts here flawing other people, like mod apps of people who don't deserve mod. FinalCritic is pleased with his work
  19. FlashyOG/xXFireSheepXx
    Anyone remember the OG days 5 years ago.
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  20. NickLuvsLego
    This server may be dead, but I still check back cus I love you my Russian buddy @surgetheurge
    1. ymybuddies
      TIL: Surge is russian
      Oct 26, 2017
    2. NickLuvsLego
      Oct 29, 2017