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  1. It's been so long since I've been around here and god, let me tell you I've missed it. I can't believe this place took a big chunk of my life that I dedicated myself to but I wouldn't change my memories for any amount of payment.

    Right now it's December 24th, 2019 and 2020 is almost here!

    It's crazy to see how long time has flew and it almost seems like it was just yesterday when I was playing with a bunch of my friends on here just enjoying my life without a care in the world.

    I miss that so much... I wish I could rewind time to enjoy 2014 all over again.

    Anyways, I have so many questions but I'll just cut down to my main ones,

    How is everyone? Will anyone reply to this thread? Where is everyone now?

    It seems like the gap between people talking on here is pretty big so I don't expect any messages back but it leaves me with a heart warming feeling knowing all the time I've spent on here and how some people I used to know still come online time to time even there's a huge time gap between messages.

    I grew up on here so it's mind blowing knowing I'm finally letting go.

    So before this turns into a huge essay I just wanted to say thank everyone for making my decade.

    I hope everyone enjoys 2020 and if you see this it's probably rare so let's make this thread one of luck.

    Thank you for everything!
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  2. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is SnowBagel. Staff Member Mod

    I literally don’t do much except work and play in free time but other than that I’m doing great mentally, since back then on here I was doing terribly with it due to school and women LOL. Pretty much grew up on here from like 14-17 years old, and it was a wild ride and I wish it could all happen again.

    the bigger question tho is how are you???? What have you been up to? :p
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  3. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    I wish I had applied for mod earlier. I could have done more to prevent this server from dieing out.
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  4. Lostvayne

    Lostvayne I'll dance alone tonight Staff Member Mod

    I've been doing good but lost contact with most of my old crew. Damn I do miss the days of everyone just vibin in their own subservers yet everyone knew everyone.

    How have you been?
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  5. Oztech9

    Oztech9 Hi there old friends

    Aww man it's been unbearably long since I last got to hang out with the gang on Squad, it puts a smile on my face to still see some old names lurk around.
    I spent so much playing on this server and never got around to posting on the forums much back then. I wish I'd been more active and talkative in my earlier years of being here, but I was an ignorant young fool.

    I'm having a chill out life right now. I'm working and helping out my younger siblings and mostly my family for the past year now.
    Still working on my game called The Wild Outback which is reaching completion some time this early year, and I'm thinking of what game to make next.
    Other than that, I've been playing some Xbox / Steam games and I occasionally play some of my old gamecube games. :D

    Hope y'all have a good new year! ;)
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  6. Apollo11MC

    Apollo11MC New Member

    Back again since 2015.
    Now im gone again lmao
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  7. Fastened

    Fastened Good Vibes

    I’m doing good! Just started renting out my childhood home from my family. They moved out of it but I didn’t want to lose the house. It’s really stressful but now I’ve got a home I could raise my family in later on in life!
  8. I feel ya, most of my life has turned into becoming more immersed in my work or just procrastinating with games and videos :,] I wish I had a time machine to go back in time to experience everything all over again, too. The ups and downs of this server made all the more experience and I don’t think anything would match up to it. But, I’ve been great, thank you so much. ❤️ It’s good to hear that you’re fine too!
    Sometimes things are meant to be the way they are. Let’s focus on the future because we’ll just keep going forwards. :] It’s nice to see you on here again!
    Oh my god, yeah, everyone had their own zones between the different servers and it was great because you could just jump between servers and people still knew you but knew your respective server ^^ I miss everyone in KitPvP so much, you all were like my family and I would do anything to go back in time and just experience everything all over again. And thank you for asking, I’ve been doing great. :] Knowing that you’re good makes me really happy, I hope it stays that way going forwards ^^
    Even if you didn’t participate much on forums it’s totally okay! I remember seeing you on Squadcraft ^^ I wish you the best of luck with your family and on your game. When it comes out, please tell me, I’d love to play it!
    Hi again :D, I’ll say see you later for now because I know this won’t be the end as long as this server stands : ]
    That’s amazing!! I know how you feel when you’re close to losing something that means a lot to you and I’m so glad you decided to stick with it. I hope you have a wonderful life and the best of luck with your future family! ❤️
  9. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is SnowBagel. Staff Member Mod

    I genuinely just wish for surge to just sell the server to someone we know that way we all could come back properly and have a genuine friend group going on ):
    We could even set up our own discord for all of us too
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  10. BenGallegos2000

    BenGallegos2000 Gamer/Aspiring Artist

    Its honestly been awhile to the degree I dont remember much about my days on squad because of the time that has passed and the new memories Ive made, but one thing I do remember is that it was one of the best minecraft servers I have ever played. Which sadly squad will likely never become big again unless something major happens for it.
    I wish everyone reading a good day
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  11. Sloww

    Sloww ily

    Damn that's crazy we used to play all the time I'm Sloweralmond05 if you don't remember. I hope you're doing good !
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  12. baconator2

    baconator2 The one and only

    It's crazy how time flew by
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  13. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson Nope

    One of the first servers I joined when it was one of the bigger servers on the game. Disappeared and then came back years later to see it scraping 30 players. Still enjoyed it when it was just a few folks.

    I'm now at uni doing illustration and vibing alone. Just waiting now for whatever comes next.
  14. DanzaKuduro

    DanzaKuduro Wild, G

    We're like old school mates :D I skipped so much school to hang out with my friends on Squadcraft, we could have a 20-year reunion and all do a pvp
  15. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is SnowBagel. Staff Member Mod

    I’m waiting for someone to create a server to have us all or most of us to go to chill and meet up again and play mc like old times
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