[Ban Appeal] *Ddos Threat*

Discussion in 'Mcmmo' started by Sparky 5999, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Sparky 5999

    Sparky 5999 New Member

    Hello everyone. I am a very old player from 4 years ago that many of you may know who played back then. I was banned for a ddos threat out of stupidity of my anger 1 year ago. The date of my ban was 2-5. My rank to the server is known as emerald rank I believe. I am sorry for my stupidity and rudeness of a threat to threaten to ddos a person. I got so mad when the server reset when I was scammed for numerous items of mine that I completely went off and threatened to ddos someone if they did not give my items back. I was in a position where I was angry and I am deeply sorry for my actions. I hope I may resolve this. Thank you. Good bye.

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