Bear (for the 3rd time)

Discussion in 'Abuse reports' started by MLGProGamer123, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. MLGProGamer123

    MLGProGamer123 Viva La Vida

    This is confirmed abuse lmao
    There was absolutely no reason this thread should have been locked unless it was decided by somebody other than bear. Not even a reason was given. Every staff member I've seen has given a reason for a lock, except bear.

    The thread had no cursing, and no reason was given behind the lock. Bear is abusing his forum perms, and he is locking threads that say anything remotely bad about him.

    He NEEDS his perms removed on forums

    @MetaMonkeyz @lluigi @Lostvayne

    Yea it seems like a desperate tag, but this report needs some more attention so that there's a chance something can be done.
  2. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

    Lol how does squad keeps getting bad devs

  3. lluigi

    lluigi Dancer

    Abusing on my server eh boi?
  4. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is FuzzyMelons. Staff Member Mod

    *sigh* he won't listen at all with his pride of power.
  5. Minersof49ers

    Minersof49ers Everything Digital

    @Bear53 u randomly locked my apology thread plez stop tnx <3
  6. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is FuzzyMelons. Staff Member Mod

    Bear locking this is abuse. There's valid info. Quit being a dick.
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  7. sr950

    sr950 We are totally boned now.

    This type of behavior is why forums die...........
  8. lookcook

    lookcook New Member

    This is what I meant when I talked about people locking abuse threads concerning them @MetaMonkeyz :p, wasn't calling u a abuser.
  9. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is FuzzyMelons. Staff Member Mod

    But in this one, it has valid info. Reports against me had nothing.
  10. lookcook

    lookcook New Member

    you believe in curses m9?
  11. Newb

    Newb *inhales*...

    Old Squad devs: Updated everyone with changes made, acted professionally.

    New Squad devs: Abuse commands specified for moderation.
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  12. lookcook

    lookcook New Member

    Hmm I never got perms? How can I abuse commands without perms m9
  13. Newb

    Newb *inhales*...

    Kinda funny how surge trusts bear with perms, and not you .-.
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  14. lookcook

    lookcook New Member

    Well I am op on prison kappa
  15. Newb

    Newb *inhales*...

    Plz gimme my old plut back fam, it wuz the shit
  16. xSplicePvP

    xSplicePvP "The Best Is Yet To Come"

    No Its because they're all 12 and think they are "cool"

    Im A DEEVV, Am i hired yet? More importantly wheres my perms
  17. Minersof49ers

    Minersof49ers Everything Digital

    This dev made a whole server himself. Not saying that randomly locking threads is good, but he owns up to that tag "dev".
  18. lookcook

    lookcook New Member

    I never got perms, this shows that im not in here just to abuse? (the OP on prison was different and I never play there)
  19. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    Ok Instead of complaining do you have any suggestions on what everyone can do about it?
  20. lookcook

    lookcook New Member

    Remove bears forums perms, and keep his in-game ones.

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