claiming plots on prison for players who never play on anymore but still own plots

Discussion in 'Permissions requests' started by lordnelson12, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. lordnelson12

    lordnelson12 I'm a cute little pussy :>

    kay2kyl still owns his plot on prison and I wish to be allowed to claim and own that plot with the stuff on it. If I am allowed to have it, if u can please remove his ownership of his plot so I can claim it please.
    please reply I am most of the time online. .;,;.
  2. RockStar_188

    RockStar_188 Capo on prison

    Lol. He always says he quits but comes back
  3. EA_Sharks

    EA_Sharks New Member

    No format.
    No, you may not have his plot, there are plenty of others.

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