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Discussion in 'General chat' started by AjainWazHere, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. AjainWazHere

    AjainWazHere Recovering CS:GO Addict

    Hows it been @surgetheurge long time.. any OG's still on? I wouldn't consider the server dead to that one kid who keeps posting about the server being dead, server wilk never die, just quit complaining and maybe people will come on? <3

    Anyways, just came on to see whats happening, been what, almost 3 years since I played, I'm now on steam lol, mostly CSGO, if anyone wanna hmu: http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamsofuckinglonely

    Add for the memes lol

    P.S. Looking back at all this does make me cringe yes, dw, I see it xD
  2. sexyrussian

    sexyrussian Administrator Admin Developer

    Hey bro, whatdup. lol

    Well the as for the OG we basically have fuzzy and final.

    As for how the server is doing, it's on the back burner unfortunately.

    A lot of people are moving away from minecraft in general, and creatively you're so limited in the minecraft client. Plus mojang is tanking minecraft as usual.

    Csgo is crap too. I quit when I was at dmg and I ran into hackers 30 games in a row. Valve is just as incompetent as mojang. There are so many easy solutions to prevent hacking problems, but they have no choice, they are too dumb to fix the problems. They don't even know the problems exist. Why? Because they don't play their own game.

    I think every company should hire 30% more staff, and dictate for all staff to play the game for 30% of their time. Would have zero bugs and zero issues.

    I know some of this stuff can even be applied to squadcraft, but there's not enough players on to even play with lol.

    I'll try today or tomorrow to sign the server up to a bunch of server lists under a different name.

    I'd like to put all that new traffic into factions but, I don't have that plugin I need to complete factions, the one that transfers items from plot world to world, but doesn't take them back to plot world from world.

    I thought I had it but I can't find it.

    Buying second car. Lol. Don't get your hopes up it only costs 750 bucks xD Gonna use it for work.

    I had a lot of ideas recently about stuff in general. Think I'll open up a solar panel installation service. $5,000 for solar panels. $5,000 for 10kw batteries with those panels. $5,000 for a solar hot water. $5,000 for a hot tub powered by additional hot water storage tanks. $5,000 for solar powered air conditioner.

    Turns out cars only convert 20% of the energy into kinetic energy. 80% goes into heat. Well the only viable heat to electricity or some other energy transfer method is that peltier device. But its only 7% efficient. However I think if you couple some vacuum tanks, and put a spiral compressor between them, you might be able to convert heat to something else at a much higher efficiency. Sooo aka 110 mpg car. Also compressed air pnumetic motors can reach 96% efficiency. Can make a car engine turn on to compress a compressed air tank, then drive on this compressed air at the 96% efficiency. Then when the tank starts to get low pressure, the engine turns back on and pumps up the tank. Apparently there is an ionic fluid compressor that has 5 times higher efficiency than normal compressors. Combine all that with constant variable transmissions and you've got yourself a 150 miles per gallon car. I don't know why the fuck they didn't make it yet. Maybe it's so the oil industry can sell 5 times more product if everyone wastes the gasoline they buy?
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  3. AjainWazHere

    AjainWazHere Recovering CS:GO Addict

    Damn, I hope the server gets revived, that'd be pretty sick. Althought, yea, I do think all these companies should have more staff, it would honestly make everyones life so much easier.. CS is pretty damn toxic, pretty hard to get past MGE without cheaters xD.

    I might hop on SQ occasionally to say whatup, if it did make a comeback that would be crazy cool thought ;)
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    As far as your idea, try hydrogen, its the next best thing, also if it catches your interest, look up 'Solar Window' :)
  4. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    Hear hear!
    Finally, someone else talking sense around here. By which I mean all the pessimists should stop complaining about the state of the server and actually do something about it.


    Good point, I feel like one of the main reasons why someone would want to set up a server would be to have a place for them to play with other people, like hanging out with mates in a chat room of their own. It seems that a lot of players tend to forget that server staff, including the owner, are going out of their way to help manage the server but they also want to play just as much as anyone else would. Not to mention, like you said, if server staff are playing on the server then they can experience any issues first hand and get a better idea of what is going on, because more often than not if someone else reports an issue then they tend to be rather vague and not very descriptive.
  5. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is FuzzyMelons. Staff Member Mod

  6. TakeAnL

    TakeAnL New Member

    If the server gets revived like the old days, we may end up bring the past to the future... u never know
  7. AjainWazHere

    AjainWazHere Recovering CS:GO Addict

    I really want the server to make a come back, and I have faith in surge to do so. I'm definitely gonna play again, hopefully see some of you on factions with me :3
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  8. Twerkae

    Twerkae Louis

    What rank r u on csgo and r u na or EU
  9. Lostvayne

    Lostvayne I'll dance alone tonight Staff Member Mod

    No U
  10. MetaMonkeyz

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  11. AjainWazHere

    AjainWazHere Recovering CS:GO Addict

  12. sexyrussian

    sexyrussian Administrator Admin Developer

    Well hydrogen is cool, and it can be used as an electric alternative to gasoline, but the problem is that there is this giant infrastructure build for all these gasoline cars and pumps. 6 million cars are made every year. They run on gas super inefficiently too. If you can make a car that gets 200 miles per gallon, it can run until oil runs out, then it can run on ethanol, aka the corn gasoline. Ethanol has a lot less energy per gallon, 39% less. However that's still like 150 miles per gallon, running off corn.
  13. TheJapaneseCat

    TheJapaneseCat New Member

    Ajain it's minenoob130 what's up bro.
  14. AjainWazHere

    AjainWazHere Recovering CS:GO Addict

    Sup dud, I tried playing squad, and MC in general again, but I can't till surge fixes some stuff... @Finalninjadog u know..
    But yeh, hows it been for you
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  15. TheJapaneseCat

    TheJapaneseCat New Member

    Same it's really sad that Squad is bad right now but I hope he makes it better. We should play again soon.
  16. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    scopa dupa
  17. AjainWazHere

    AjainWazHere Recovering CS:GO Addict

    Yuh, you should add me on steam, if you have one
  18. BunnySlayah69

    BunnySlayah69 BunnehPvP

    If only
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  19. MetaMonkeyz

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