deadbones24 Hack/ddos Report {Prison}

Discussion in 'Hack/ddos reports' started by deadbones24, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. deadbones24

    deadbones24 New Member

    Ingame name: deadbones24

    Ingame name of hacker/ddoser: xxTheWariorxx180

    Proof of hacking/ddosing: I have two screenshots. To see these pictures in better quality, click on them in the desciption below.
    2016-03-27_19.43.58.png 2016-03-27_19.44.10.png

    Any extra things you want to add: I just came back to my PC from dinner to say hi and maybe mine in pvp and i got messaged. He was very forceful about this and I said in chat "one sec thought my dad... (it gets cut off) is yelling at me I'll pay you the money when I'm back sorry." Then I left to get my iPod to takes pictures and took the screenshots.

    My dad told me to add this. He said if this continues to happen he knows the fBI's. Number and can call them about this suppose of ddos. That is illegal if you are caught. basically my dad calls them and they trace xxxTheWariorxx180 to his house from his minecraft account. And yes my dad in real life wanted me to add this I said it was fine but I did it anyways. My dad is not the kinda guy to mess around with just saying.
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  2. Agardino

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  3. deadbones24

    deadbones24 New Member

    I do not know what that means but I got your support. xD

    Spread the word I got to go like real soon. Thank you
  4. Agardino

    Agardino Member New

    Tagging mods/surge So in there alerts it tells them to come to this thread
  5. deadbones24

    deadbones24 New Member

    ohh well thank you very much. bye i gtg
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  6. Agardino

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  7. xNic

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    Delete dat


    The quote

    I know testificates with many emeralds for being a real boy :)

    Is this spam now?

    Yea, bye
  8. Agardino

    Agardino Member New

    Delete what?
  9. xNic

    xNic New Member

    Ur quote in the above post

    Not ThAT one, the one b4 spam

    Don't ask I'm phsyco
  10. Agardino

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  11. xNic

    xNic New Member

    Yay thanks I dunt want to argue with another phsyco
  12. Jerry2kewl

    Jerry2kewl From Ebay C/O $6.95 Staff Member Mod

    Everyone knows the FBI's number it's not hard to find it lol. Obviously you are knew to this DDoS and yes it is illegal. Not gonna lie but what he said doesn't show he can ddos. Like seriously he said hack your computer so you can't use it, he's referring to this as DDoS which it isn't. So doesn't really look like a threat to me as to everyone who makes a ddos threat nowadays can't do shit
  13. xNic

    xNic New Member

    Wait wait wait a second...
    This response is so opposite to the one I got when I made a threat...
    Just wow.
  14. Jerry2kewl

    Jerry2kewl From Ebay C/O $6.95 Staff Member Mod

    Ofc it is.. Thewarrior doesn't know what ddos is to me, seeing he thinks it's hacking someone's computer. But you on the other hand made a threat as to our private infos along with hinting of ddos
  15. xNic

    xNic New Member

    Lol yea, Fun Timez... Jk jk. Are we still ok? Like friends?
  16. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

    Then you shouldnt say stuff like that
  17. xNic

    xNic New Member

    You don't even know what people's I'm talking about, and I was talking to agar. Thank you.
  18. sr950

    sr950 We are totally boned now.

    It doesnt matter if he does or doesnt, Ddos is serious. And we all know that if you threaten people, even if you are jking, is an instant ban.
  19. Jerry2kewl

    Jerry2kewl From Ebay C/O $6.95 Staff Member Mod

    Did I say he was joking? I'm just saying he has 0 clue to what ddos is if he thinks it's hacking a computer
  20. ExternalOGpvp123

    ExternalOGpvp123 Helper-Emerald

    peoples* lol, spelling budday, People*

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