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  1. EliteGaming03

    EliteGaming03 Leave your thoughts on my Application! :)

    What is your Minecraft name?

    Why do you play Minecraft?

    SquadCraft is the main reason why I play mine craft, I love the community and the staff team. I have also seen the server go through some bad things, like when Yonda and the staff made betrayed it and made their own server, and so I play minecraft because I want to help others and the server.
    What is your time zone?

    What single sub-server do you spend the most time on?

    I don't really allocate my time to specific servers, I generally tend to use /glist and hop around servers and just generally try to help players and I usually just play wherever there are other people. A few years ago I used to be on skywars everyday, but since skywars rarely gets any players, I would much prefer to be a moderator somewhere else. I really want to help out the server.
    When are you usually online?

    I'm half term I usually come on everyday. In school term I can come on for a few hours most days but not all.
    How many hours a day can you play? How many hours do you actually play?

    I can usually play 3-4 hours a day, I usually play 2-3 since I also run my own server and have other things to do as well. As a moderator I will manage my time efficiently so I can be on as much as possible

    How long have you been playing SquadCraft?

    I have been playing SquadCraft for 3-4 years, when it was averaging around 2000 players daily.
    What's your favorite memory on SquadCraft?

    Playing SkyWars with Surge and Noah. And meeting such amazing people and being part of a wonderful community.
    Where do you spend your time at SquadCraft?

    As previously stated, i typically just hop around servers helping players out and just playing where there are other people as I love to help people out and solve their issues.
    Why do you want to be a moderator? What is your goal as a SquadCraft moderator?

    As a moderator I really want to reduce the toxicity on the server. On almost every subserver I join I see swearing and insulting behaviour. This was my childhood server and it saddens me to see so many people breaking the rules and behaving badly. In my time zone when I play I rarely ever see any staff online to solve these issues and that is why I believe I will be perfect for the job.
    As a moderator, how will you affect SquadCraft?

    I have a lot of experience with servers, configuring plugins and I am extremely clever with commands and things like that. I know how to handle mass amounts of players (I run my own little bungeecord network) and remain calm in heated situations. I will be able to reduce the toxicity on the server and I will be able to satisfy players.
    Do you want Mod just to have Mod next to your name?

    No, absolutely not, I want to be a moderator so I can improve the server and make it a nicer environment for players and staff.
    What happens if you are not chosen to be a moderator?

    I will consider why I was not chosen and reflect on the reasons stated, and try to act on them and improve.
    What kind of skills do you have?

    This is why I believe I will be an amazing moderator. I run my own BungeeCord network and so I am very familiar with all commands as I use a lot of the same plugins as SquadCraft. I know an insane amount about commands and how to handle mass amounts of players. I know how to act even in heated situations and I am very familiar with a leadership role.
    Have you ever been banned? If so, why?

    I used to be very profane a few years ago as some may remember, I was tempbanned and now I have returned, I have controlled the issues and have matured a lot. I love helping people out nowadays and would really impact the server in many ways.
    Have you ever cheated, used hacks? If so, why?

    No, I have never cheated or used hacks.
    How do you treat younger players?

    I treat younger players with the same respect I treat older ones, and I treat all players fairly and equally. I love to help them out and solve their issues.
    Do you use TeamSpeak or skype?

    I use Skype and also discord, but I had to remove teamspeak because of an issue where it would make my pc crash.
    List the things you've done to help the SquadCraft community and the SquadCraft server.

    I haven't done many insanely noticeable things but I generally tend to help out players and solve their problems.

    I have also donated on a few occasions, on skywars I bought the Gold rank, the diamond rank and finally the emerald rank.

    I generally tend to report hackers and rule breakers.
    How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one?

    I submitted one 3 years ago.
    Is there anything else you would like to say?

    I just generally have a lot of experience with the staff role and I have a lot to offer SquadCraft, if I am denied that is completely fine. I just have a lot to offer and really want to help out the server and have many ways of doing this.
    Do you have any experience as a staff member of any organization? (doesn't have to be Minecraft)

    Yes I do, I own my own BungeeCord network with a buycraft page and forums, I have skywars and prison currently being built

    I used to co own a bungee network a few years ago which would average around 50-60 players a day.

    I have also been mod/helper on a few small servers

    Tell us about yourself, about you, your character, personality and values.

    I am a very helpful person, I enjoy helping players and seeing if I can help to improve the server. Helping players out is my number one priority. I am very talkative and love to interact with players. I also enjoy solving any players issues and making the server a better place

    Thank you for reading my application. Let me know what you think below and have an amazing day! I have a lot to offer and would love to be apart of the amazing staff team on this wonderful server.


  2. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them


    I haven't really seen you online much, nor have i seen you help players, enforce the rules or report rulebreakers. It's the school holidays right now and I've only seen you on for the first time in who knows when.

    Er, last time I checked, the capitol of the UK isn't a time zone...

    We have the same time zone, and I'm on most of the time...

    Plus, I don't see how coming online just to say 'dead server fam' satisfies anyone.
  3. EliteGaming03

    EliteGaming03 Leave your thoughts on my Application! :)

    You may not see me online much, but I can assure you I have been on everyday at some point in the last few weeks. I don't like skyblock and I have spent my time on FactionsOB.

    Thanks for the feedback and I will act upon it :3
  4. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    So you hop around servers, yet you don't 'hop' to Skyblock that often.

    As one of the only active mods, and one of the only active British players, I've barely seen you on, and other people who are in other time zones haven't seen you on either.

    Oh, and the last time i checked, calling a mod 'argumentative' doesn't have anything to do with your application, nor does it convince me, one of the members of staff whom you are trying to appeal to in order to get mod, that you actually deserve mod.

    Oh, and about the time zone I'm in.

    Source: Google


    Source: Wikipedia
  5. Yet a few days ago you wre spreading toxicity.

  6. EliteGaming03

    EliteGaming03 Leave your thoughts on my Application! :)

    Because I hate skyblock, so I do not bother going there :3
    ause I
  7. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    Yet you still come on Skyblock to spam 'dead server fam', to defend your application when questioned and to call me argumentative... sure

    Even so, I've only seen you come on the server; as in the whole server in general, twice in the past few days, and even then your visits are brief. If you apparently have the same time zone as me, I'm pretty sure I'd see you online more than anyone else, but I don't. Not Skyblock, not anywhere.

    Still ain't convinced, nor am I 'satisfied' with you calling me argumentative when you were the one trying to correct me. Again, as one of the most active, and only active, mods, you're not doing a very good job of trying to appeal to me to make me think you deserve to be on the staff team with me.
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