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Discussion in 'Permissions requests' started by baconator2, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. baconator2

    baconator2 The one and only

    Rank for permission:all
    Reasons why:Surge,wants more players,if we can vote,we will get more players,as we will be noticed,I believe it will help us greatly,as I see most servers have voting if you do vote then you could get like free items or kits for 15 minutes,please consider this,sincerely- Baconrobotdragon
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  2. LeMishu

    LeMishu "Don't do today what you can do to tomorrow."

    Good idea, and maybe they add some reward to voting so players would want to do it daily.
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  3. Goldchamber

    Goldchamber Gold4Owner

    Good idea. I hope Surge adds this feature..
  4. baconator2

    baconator2 The one and only

    Thanks for support!
  5. Goldchamber

    Goldchamber Gold4Owner

    This could bring in more players and Squad will be even more popular.
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  6. Y e s : - )
  7. I agree ^.^
  8. Bear445

    Bear445 Youtuber

    This was suggested before and I toatlly want this implemented. It would bring more players to Squadcraft.
  9. TheOrangePanda-Im2Good

    TheOrangePanda-Im2Good SkywarsPlayer

    this idea has already been suggested and nothing was done with it the one that was suggested was a lot more detailed so ..
  10. cdennis02

    cdennis02 Forums Addict/OmegaAso

    Hope it gets added
  11. Patrick

    Patrick Former Staff

    Don't necropost
  12. Robbin

    Robbin PukingRainbowz's Cousin

    Just add votifier
  13. Goran

    Goran :b

    Totally, this should be added so players can get items and money or whatever they get. It would be a good improvement
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  14. EA_Sharks

    EA_Sharks New Member

    Sorry for necroposting but Surge has told me that this is a good idea that will be incorporated.
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