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Discussion in 'Server improvement' started by lordnelson12, May 9, 2016.

  1. lordnelson12

    lordnelson12 I'm a cute little pussy :>

    I don't know if people would use it or not and also why would this even be a thing but its just an idea of mine so I thought I should see what people think.

    On the forums, I have 2 accounts because im retarded and didn't wright down the password to this and since I can't reset it, I can't remember my password but my computer does so im basically relying on this. I had to wipe it because of viruses and some people know I sent them a convo saying 'I funked up my computer' (or something like that) which was me saying that I have a new account because I lost the other. Somehow I didn't lose it so now I have 2 accounts; 1 for my computer, the other for anything else. I was thinking that since I make threads on both (and this isn't just for me because I think a few others have other accounts) so if we could have like something that allows us to let people edit the thread.

    I.e. Where I make a thread on lordnelson account, and I want to edit it, I would have a button where it says 'Allow a member to edit' and I type in lordnelson12 and it allows me then to edit 1 thread that was done on the lordnelson account using the lordnelson12 account

    P.S. As I said this isn't just for me but others as well so if you wanted to create a post and share it, then they can add someone.

    Thank you

    Probably pointless
  2. GodSlayerPlayz

    GodSlayerPlayz New Member

    use one acc. simple
  3. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson >> The Anthropomorphic Wolf <<

    As twerkae said. Dont tell me to use 1 account if u dont know the situation.
  4. Twerkae

    Twerkae Louis

  5. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson >> The Anthropomorphic Wolf <<

    There is but u never seem to recieve an password reset email.

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