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Discussion in 'Server improvement' started by ifudieheihy, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. ifudieheihy

    ifudieheihy Amn E. Sha

    Before you read this, i don't know where to put this. So, mods feel free to move this to wherever you think is fit.
    What I want improved:
    The "Post new thread" button in the Accepted mod applications part of the forums.
    Why I want it improved:
    People can just post an app in that section and become mod without fair application.
    None of the following is real
    So, imagine Grayson Pines decided to get an app. He posted an app on the accepted part of the forums. (He`s a terrorist BTW.) he does a great job and Surge promotes him to admin. Then, out of nowhere something major happens and surge has to resign. Grayson gets to be owner. He shuts down the server and that`s that.
    Now in conclusion.
    We should get rid of that button because something bad could happen like that ^^^

    If this sounds a little bizarre then, mods, this could be alot of work for you, banning the kid, blahblahblh whatever you do to ban people (idk how)
  2. Maxxy

    Maxxy •Ex-Devil•

    The person wouldn't even become mod automatically, a mod would move the thread to the "moderator applications" section.
  3. ifudieheihy

    ifudieheihy Amn E. Sha

    Oh. but some1 stupid might come along and post it there, and you will have to do more work

    TcWxFUSIONS Mostly known as Joey

    Its not hard to do 3 clicks.
  5. ifudieheihy

    ifudieheihy Amn E. Sha

    THREE WHOLE CLICKS OMG IT MUST BE A NIGHTMARE :3 yes Maxxy i did take ur thing :D

    :3 is ur thing


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