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Discussion in 'Permissions requests' started by Platinum, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Rank for permission: All donor ranks, on every server
    Permission: Global ranks
    Reasons why: Global ranks is normal among most servers, and will he is back in the long run. You basically pay once and get it on every server. My friend checked it out and he hated the way it was setup. This shows that our current Buycraft system isn't as good.
  2. WillCraftHD_FTW

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    Thats stupid, and will lower donations by a lot.
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  3. It's common among most networks, like Mineverse, Minetime...and you see how donations fly in there.
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  4. smeags

    smeags Intentionally Philosophical

    Depends how it's put into practice (whether all donators, including the ones who already had before (if) its implemented, or just people who donated after.
    Rank prices would probably be boosted as well. :/
  5. Camer047

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    Its a good idea but I don't think surge will go for it because it will lower donation profit.
  6. Robbin

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    If used correctly global ranks can actually increase donations!
    For example if we had a global rank that gives a small reward on ALL the servers it would first encourage people to try out other squad servers increasing the likelyhood of them donating even more on the server
  7. Caleb Morrison

    Caleb Morrison F3arxB3astly the Sweg Master

    These ranks would be so damn expensive...
  8. Caleb Morrison

    Caleb Morrison F3arxB3astly the Sweg Master

    And this is how we lose money
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