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    Many people have been asking how to create their own mod application. So, I took the time in listing the main steps rather than privately messaging them all to players in game.

    1. If you are reading this thread, you should know Squad's homepage. Create an account, click the phrase 'Log In or Sign Up' at the top right corner of your page.
    2. Once you've done that, scroll down to 'Moderator Applications'.
    3. Click it and use the format ---> HERE <--- If this link doesn't work, scroll the page down till you see '
      NEW Moderator Application Format!' posted by @surgetheurge
    4. Copy this format.
    5. Scroll up again and click the server you want to apply on.
    6. Towards the top right of the page, you will see 'Post a New Thread'. Click that.
    7. Paste the format and begin to write your application.
    When applying, you should be known and familiar with the Squad community and forums.

    Before posting your application, make sure it is almost free of any errors. This could include but is not limited to, spelling, grammatical, punctuation mistakes or missing an answer for a question.

    The chance of being accepted or looked at will be graded on detail and character. This does not mean you should write an essay. People will not want to read that, so make every sentence count. If you are disrespectful in game or on the forums, it is highly unlikely you will be considered.

    Players are allowed to create application EVERY 2 MONTHS. If you try to post more, it will be automatically denied. Joke moderator applications are not tolerated and will also be denied.

    Please see these threads as well:

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    Fill free to edit it or move it to a different location.
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