Discussion in 'Ban appeals' started by Icediamond2015, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. Icediamond2015

    Icediamond2015 New Member

    So today i was playing skywars and my mouse got disconnected because I'm on a mac but my character kept punching and I got autobanned for "Hacking" When i actually don't hack nor do I know how..

    And i got banned even before i could reconnect my mouse :p

    Please unban me :(
  2. Apollo11MC

    Apollo11MC New Member

    You need to follow prefix:
    Why do I think I got banned. Example: Spam advertised minecraft servers.
    Minecraft username, case sensitive. Example: surgetheurge.
    What does it say when you try to join? Example: Ban hammer has been spoken.
    Ban length? Example: forever.
    Anything else you would like to say? Example: I AM INNOCENT

  3. Icediamond2015

    Icediamond2015 New Member

    I think i got banned because the game thought i was hacking when i wasnt

    Ign: Icediamond2015

    Ban length:Forever It says "Hacking detected - Autoban"

    I dont hack... and i never would because it ruins the purpose of minecraft.

    So please unban me
  4. EA_Sharks

    EA_Sharks New Member

    Autoban is never wrong so unless you have proof that you weren't hacking, you will not be unbanned. If you really want to be unbanned, buy an unban token.

    Thread locked.
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