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    How many hours a week do you play? describe your schedule
    Monday: afternoon
    Tuesday: afternoon
    Wednesday: afternoon
    Thursday: afternoon
    Friday: afternoon
    Saturday: all day
    Sunday: all day

    What are some of your suggestions for the server?
    1. In prison, some of the parkour doesn't have a prize at the end yet. Even says so.
    2. Staff should make a game called 'Duels' it's where you just 1 v 1 someone and there is different kinds of battles, you can do like UHC Battle, Survival Games Battle Etc. Like Hypixel's
    I will see what I could else I could suggest in the future..

    Have you broken rules? have you been punished?
    I once got banned in kit-pvp, with my stupid hacks I got two years ago, I regret ever using them. They are deleted.

    Why do you want to be helper?
    I believe I should become Helper to help the community and help the server become better than what it is today. Also, I don't see as much staff. The only staff I see usually when I log onto Skyblock is a Mod. I wonder where they disappeared to and I think that I should step up to the plate and help the staff team.

    Thank you so much for taking your time for reading my application! means a lot :)
    Hope you have a great summer. <3
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