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  1. What you want improved: The /jump command.
    Reason why: The command gives players with the rank needed for the command an unfair advantage for raiding over other players, it's worse than /fly in my opinion. The command should either be removed or made available to more donation ranks. The command can be used when looking at a base and if there are not any blocks where player is looking at it teleports them in. It in general makes raiding too easy.
  2. lordnelson12

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    I think the only ranks with access are Mvp up to God. Then again, I don't play factions often.
  3. Revelutionz

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    I dont play mincecraft so we are even
  4. lordnelson12

    lordnelson12 I'm a cute little pussy :>

    good good.
  5. Your correct on that, but it still stands that the command provides an unfair advantage for raiding.
  6. Lordnelson

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    Think about how much those ranks cost though.
  7. Was it recently? I haven't been on much this weekend, have a lot of school work to get in before my senior trip. Anyway, the only way to prevent people from using /jump to get into your base is have the air replaced with lava or water, but even then you can't even set a home to get back.

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