Discussion in 'Permissions requests' started by AniJan, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. MLGProGamer123

    MLGProGamer123 Viva La Vida

    Oh no no no, not another tumblr feminist :(
  2. God Slayer Playz

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  3. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    @surgetheurge so are you going to reset my kdr? on both? (factions and kitpvp)
  4. why would he do that.. then a bunch of people will ask for theirs reset too and no body wants to deal with that bs
  5. Minersof49ers

    Minersof49ers Everything Digital

    Flush it down the toilet then no one has to deal with it! :D

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