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    My Minecraft name is: DaSpicyWaffle.
    I play Minecraft because its a fun game I really enjoy it.
    My timezone is: Pacific Time Zone.
    I usually play on or squadMC.
    Im usually online Friday, Saturday, and Sunday depending on what i'm doing.
    I play for around 4 hours a day again depending on what i'm doing. and i actually play for around 4 hours.
    I have been playing SquadCraft not that long like a month and I think it is one of the best servers around.
    My favorite memory on SquadCraft was playing online with a friend of mine.
    I spend most time on SkyBlock.
    I want to be a Moderator because I can help out the server and make sure nothing goes out of control.
    My goal as a Moderator is to help players in need of assistance.
    I will effect SquadCraft by making it better in helping wise so that people can get max assistance and to spread the word to other Minecraft players.
    I will move on and keep playing SquadCraft normally.
    I am quite good with many commands I have helped many people in Minecraft before but not as a mod.
    No I have not been banned.
    No I have never used hacks.
    I treat younger players as normal people as they are a normal person.
    I use discord but I can gladly get TS.
    (I don't understand this question.)
    I have never applied before to be a mod here.
    if you can get a hold of me at use and my discord is DaSpicyWaffle#2160.
    I have never been a mod before so this will be a first time.
    I don't really have any enemies, I am good at making friends, I love to make Minecraft Videos even though i have a small gaming channel by small i mean 21 subs :( I like acting i have a good education I also sing at like to take lots of photos.
    Please take this draft into your consideration Thank you in advance! :)

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