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    What is your Minecraft name?
    Why do you play Minecraft?
    I like how you are able to be free and creative in your own ways with little limitations to what you can create
    What is your time zone?
    What single sub-server do you spend the most time on?
    When are you usually online?
    Usually on the weekens
    How many hours a day can you play? How many hours do you actually play?
    About 10-12
    How long have you been playing SquadCraft?
    A week
    What's your favorite memory on SquadCraft?
    Staff members helping people in the chat
    Where do you spend your time at SquadCraft?
    Mostly SkyBlock and Factions
    Why do you want to be a moderator? What is your goal as a SquadCraft moderator?
    I want to be a moderator to help support a growing server. My goals are to help the people and keep the server safe
    As a moderator, how will you affect SquadCraft?
    As a moderator, I can help build, manage, and fix mostly anything, I'm also good with helping people so if someone needs help I can assist.
    Do you want Mod just to have Mod next to your name?
    No, I don't care to have attention on me, I just like to help people
    What happens if you are not chosen to be a moderator?
    I will look over my application and see what I did wrong and use it for reference in the future. If I feel up to it, I'll retry after the grace period given.
    What kind of skills do you have?
    I can configure and setup plugins. I am okay at building, and redstone. And I am good working with other people
    Have you ever been banned? If so, why?
    Yes, I have been temp-banned from a server when it had a lag spike and thought I was fly hacking..
    Have you ever cheated, used hacks? If so, why?
    Yes, I have used a client on my personal server to ensure my AntiCheat would detect clients.
    How do you treat younger players?
    I treat younger players with the same respect as I would treat any other player.
    Do you use TeamSpeak or skype?
    Yes, Both.
    List the things you've done to help the SquadCraft community and the SquadCraft server.
    I have shown the server to a few of my friends, and a few have joined.
    How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one?
    I have submitted 1 other one for a different server about 3 months ago
    Is there anything else you would like to say?
    No there is not
    Do you have any experience as a staff member of any organization? (doesn't have to be Minecraft)
    Yes, I have multiple years of staff experience
    Tell us about yourself, about you, your character, personality and values.
    I am originally from Indiana and in 2016 we finally moved to Florida where we have always wanted to live. My favorite food is Pizza, and my favorite drinks have to be cranberry juice and apple juice. I love helping other people, and getting help when I need it.
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    -1 App lacks detail, and I don't recall ever seeing you on Skyblock.
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    One someone will get this correct.

    Speaks for itself really.

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