"My old self is cringy"

Discussion in 'General chat' started by ymybuddies, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    That seems to be a common theme with the people here. They come bsck and inspect their profiles, for some reason this hasn't happened to me.

    Probably because I deleted all my cringy posts a week after I posted them, but other than that I just thought my past self didn't know as much.
  2. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson Nope

    Yeah, I can second this. Won't lie, I am slightly disappointed. I still can't believe that on my Main one which I have no access to now has got #votetrump in the bio xD. Without access to that, I can no longer change that.

    Not to mention the profile picture on the other one as well.
  3. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    Vote Trump. 2016 was probably the last active year here.
  4. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson Nope

    Last seen was march 25th 2017. xD

    Never got it back since.

    Tbf, even my pfp is bad. Like I used that cos I thought it was hilarious.
  5. JRaps

    JRaps The mighty, fierce, gummyworm-loving JRaptor

    That's probably because you're still "cringy"...

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