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  1. littledew23

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    What I will like to see done.
    I would like to see a better spawn and shop. I would like to see all Spawners and A lot more items to be sold.
    Things I like to see added.
    I would like to see maybe bedrock added. But if not that's fine. I would also like to see the plugin where any mob gets close to another mob stacks. I see some spawner issues lately where only a few monsters can only spawn in a certain area which is kinda annoying when you want the best spawning rates of the mobs.
    Things that should be done.
    Squadcraft Needs more people, which isn't something you can fix automatically. I suggest making advertisements on some popular minecraft websites. I am also planning on making a Youtube series on my youtube to incourage people to come on and play this server, mainly mcmmo because I am showing my base cords and they will try to raid me. I will be supplying them with gear and tnt and many other raiding supplies. Also tnt should be downgraded by A lot or default. I know they did that because of the cegg glitch but there is another way to fix that problem. Ex: You can make chest not blowup able and be able to open in claimed territory. I am sure you can find it on some form or a youtube video. Sorry this is an edit But I forgot to include this, cow spawners down spawn underground anymore, they have to have sunlight to spawn. I think this problem went global

    I know this doesn't have tons of details or anything but I am sure you can picture what I am saying hopefully. I am also sure a lot of you guys who read this are mcmmo players or was could understand that this is kinda desperate for mcmmo to live. I would like to take action now before mcmmo dies completely. Thanks for reading this sorry for any mistakes. (This was all based off my head, All the stuff that I seen that needs fixed)
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