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Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by surgetheurge, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. surgetheurge

    surgetheurge Urges of Surge Admin

    When Applying for the moderator position, please follow this guideline and answer all of the following questions to the best ability. Be honest and you will be rewarded.
    Note: Write your answers (NOT IN BOLD) in the empty space between the lines
    What is your Minecraft name?

    Why do you play Minecraft?

    What is your time zone?

    What single sub-server do you spend the most time on?

    When are you usually online?

    How many hours a day can you play? How many hours do you actually play?

    How long have you been playing SquadCraft?

    What's your favorite memory on SquadCraft?

    Where do you spend your time at SquadCraft?

    Why do you want to be a moderator? What is your goal as a SquadCraft moderator?

    As a moderator, how will you affect SquadCraft?

    Do you want Mod just to have Mod next to your name?

    What happens if you are not chosen to be a moderator?

    What kind of skills do you have?

    Have you ever been banned? If so, why?

    Have you ever cheated, used hacks? If so, why?

    How do you treat younger players?

    Do you use TeamSpeak or skype?

    List the things you've done to help the SquadCraft community and the SquadCraft server.

    How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one?

    Is there anything else you would like to say?

    Do you have any experience as a staff member of any organization? (doesn't have to be Minecraft)

    Tell us about yourself, about you, your character, personality and values.

    Things that will help you get into the elections:
    - Have at least 100 messages on the forums.

    - Be active and familiar on both the server and the forums.
    - Not have a reputation as a toxic player.
    - Mature and respectful in-game and out.

    - Have a sufficient amount of detail.
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  2. Bolt_The_Man

    Bolt_The_Man Skywars Addict Staff Member Mod

    Thanks surge
    I really appreciate you taking your time to do this.
    Ill make an application now.
    Thanks again
  3. Dazrock123

    Dazrock123 Factions, Skywars And Being Awesome

    Thanks surge finally i can use my app that i made on notepad that took me 2 hours XD
  4. Robbin

    Robbin PukingRainbowz's Cousin

    Great job on the Format, I can tell you put some effort into it. I'll make an app right now; let's just hope everyone else puts some effort into there app xD
  5. MLGProGamer123

    MLGProGamer123 Viva La Vida

    This format is so ridiculous haha. Some of the reasons are not even able to be described. "Why do you play minecraft?" What the....
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  6. Bolt_The_Man

    Bolt_The_Man Skywars Addict Staff Member Mod

    I found Why do you play minecraft very good actually.
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  7. Robbin

    Robbin PukingRainbowz's Cousin

    I think it's better

    It's encouraging people to think more deeply about there app, and allows for more detail
  8. Bolt_The_Man

    Bolt_The_Man Skywars Addict Staff Member Mod

    Ye i agree
  9. surgetheurge

    surgetheurge Urges of Surge Admin

    lol totally. If you spend 5 years into playing the game, you probably have a reason why you play the game.
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  10. Bolt_The_Man

    Bolt_The_Man Skywars Addict Staff Member Mod

    Surge have you seen all the applications?
    You have loads to check.
    Btw surge we all love you <3
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  11. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    lmao gg squadcraft
  12. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    The grammatical errors in the format make me cry.
    I'm disappointed. :'(
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  13. Robbin

    Robbin PukingRainbowz's Cousin

    If only you where still mod, then you can fix it :(
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  14. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    Oh, he'd do a lot more if he were mod baby ;)
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  15. Robbin

    Robbin PukingRainbowz's Cousin

    ...your making it sound sexual xD
  16. *makes mod app spending 2+ hours and editing*

    *watches for almost three days and only gets 2 replies.*

    Amazing,worthless hours.:']
    Amazing,worthless tries :']
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  17. Robbin

    Robbin PukingRainbowz's Cousin

  18. Icomefromyouranus

    Icomefromyouranus I live inside your anus

    This format smells worse then my anus
  19. Lexilou11

    Lexilou11 New Member

    ahh yes because people are going to spend hours answering your questions just so they can get no replies. Good luck with that ^-^
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  20. ShedskySkull

    ShedskySkull KitPvP Learner

    Cool! I will work hard on this application. After one week i'll submit!

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