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Discussion in 'Server improvement' started by pattycrafts, Sep 27, 2015.

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    What you want improved: There is a few things that need to be looked at, some of the punishments don't really fix the problems that they were used for.

    /mute pattycrafts

    I can change the name of an item on prison to "mods suck &$^$" and there is nothin they can really do while the ppl playing can see the Action

    I've also seen it done on kitpvp also (don't know if its fixed) but ppl somehow are using /me or bukkit:me permissions to swear or spam after they've been muted.

    Plus I also think that mods may need more perms or easier perms to fix the problem like /temp-ban /ban or just a /kick with a timer.

    Reason why: Not fair on da mods and irritating to players
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  2. Here are some lovely examples.

    Screenshot_2015-09-26-20-39-57_kindlephoto-616971583.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-26-20-47-41_kindlephoto-616921797.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-26-20-52-46_kindlephoto-616879018.jpg
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    Yeah /me is still a thing on Kitpvp.
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    Have u notice dumbasses who make the rules tend to defend themselves stupidly when we show them this crap instead of admitting there was a loophole and trying to fix it
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    Well being an old factions mod I came across this problem a lot and I think that this is a fair way to punish their behavior.

    If somebody is auctioning off or using a sword with an inappropriate name I would ask them to stop using it in pvp due to it being against the rules. I would also request for it not to be in their enderchests where players would also be able to see it. If they did not listen then you would warn them again. If they continue to use the sword or disobey then I would punish them. Although I do not think getting rid of the sword is required, rather keeping it in their base or a player vault would be fine because its just a dirty joke that only they can see. I would ask players that I could trust to take screenshots if I was offline and they were using the sword so I could punish them.

    If you are one of the people who owns a sword like this this one is for you:

    Keep it in a base or player vault so nobody but your 13 year old self can giggle at it.
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    All 13year oods be like *Omg omg im gonna name a sword penis so everyone can see hoe cool i am:3*
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    Basically, that is what they call funny.
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    Bit stereotypical when you say all :/
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    All 13 year olds be like: "omg omg omg! I'm gonna name a sword 'Penis' so everyone can see that I'm a hoe! :3"
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    im 13 ;3
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    This has to be solved.
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    Its auto correct "-"
    Hoe means how in dutch

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