Factions powerboost recovery thread

Discussion in 'Bugs and glitches' started by surgetheurge, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. wiipro123

    wiipro123 Work hard in silence & let the success make noise.

    so when will we get our power back again? and squad just crashed ;-;
  2. mq4

    mq4 R.I.P T.H

    Ign : mq4
    Ban from buy craft and I think I lost my gold rank
  3. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    oh lol
  4. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    +10 power
  5. Fario3

    Fario3 New Member

    Had 30 power not anymore
    missing 10 power
  6. g_p

    g_p grondewa

    very og
  7. BajanAmerican12

    BajanAmerican12 God/Inferno

    I had 1k power can I get it back thx
  8. nv_Virus

    nv_Virus -=Factions Emerald=-

    when do we get our power back cause its been 5 days.
  9. Hot3Shot3

    Hot3Shot3 ={Old Squad God}=

    :D im back baby
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  10. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

  11. ExternalOGpvp123

    ExternalOGpvp123 Helper-Emerald


    i had 1k butt after reset i lost it.

    is that a cristian song?
  12. Maxxy

    Maxxy •Ex-Devil•

    ...what? Lol I have no idea
  13. DexterTheWizard

    DexterTheWizard New Member

    Surge i lost all my stuff on factions! my account got reset, my home and my bal, i have 2.8 mil and the 14th highest amount. Everything got reset besides my enderchest and my inventory. My home which i spent over 3 stacks of bedrock into is now gone and everything in it. One good thing is that the items i set in the market listings were sold and i now have 9.9 mil but i am still worried about my home. I had everything in there and if there is any way to get it back, that would be great. thank you and i hope you will read this. btw my in game name is DexterTheWizard
  14. PandaBoy

    PandaBoy New Member

    IGN: MCPandaBoy
    Lost 70 Power
  15. PlurgePvPYT

    PlurgePvPYT New Member

    i bought CreativeMonster a 70 power boost
  16. ExternalOGpvp123

    ExternalOGpvp123 Helper-Emerald

    a song for god
  17. Buttpiracy

    Buttpiracy New Member

    would like to claim a useless chunk of land in the middle of nowhere and have people's hopes and dreams ruined when they discover that it is infact a useless chunk of land with nothing in it. some call me satan.

    *was years and years ago, so please*
  18. John-Capt

    John-Capt New Member

    Finally ! I had 1k power boost and lost it

    IGN- CaptSparkels1234
  19. Skillz

    Skillz New Member

    Power: 30
    i had 30 power but dont anymore D:
  20. nv_Virus

    nv_Virus -=Factions Emerald=-

    ign is yoyo33345, my old ign was nv_Virus and i had 30 power and still dont have it

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