[Prison] kay2kyl scammed me with real life money and hacking

Discussion in 'Hack/ddos reports' started by MC_DiamondBoss, Apr 11, 2016.


He Should get banned

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  1. MC_DiamondBoss

    MC_DiamondBoss KSI (MC_DiamondBossYT) here

    ingame name: MC_Diamond_Boss
    Hacker: kay2kyl
    What hacks: Killaura anti-kb
    What was the situation/deal:
    basically kay2kyl said that he will give me supremeowner chestplate and 300mil if I buy him elite rank
    So I said ok and I bought him it [he gave me the email and password to purchase it]
    Then i gave the receipt to him by that email and then he changed the password and i deleted the photo [as my phone was clogged up by some stuff]
    then he never gave it
    So then Bolt_The_Man said that kay2kyl bought it and i said no i gave the receipt to kay2kyl b4 bolt the man was checking through buycraft
    And then Today
    He killed me with his hacks
    i have no proof but i wouldn't lie
    He was hacking badly
    He scams Badly and i hate him
    this guy needs a perm ban, and i want my stuff back now!
    IM fed up with hackers
    I'm gonna quit
    No point on this stupid server
    No1 likes me
    No1 cares for me
    no point
  2. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson Nope

    1.Kay2kyl does not hack because i have beat him ez in pvp.
    2.i figured out that you didn't buy his rank. You said the chestplate was taken sunday which it was but the recipt for the elite says it was bought 2 days before.

    And i know u had the chestplate on that day because u asked me is i wanted to buy it. And kay never joined that day cos i never left the server.

    So far u have made 4 threads and only 1 is true everything else is either irrelevant or isn't true.

    I know we are friends but you need to stop making threads of reporting people for doing nothing wrong because you have a habbit of getting butt hurt.

    P.S. saying that no one cares and no one likes me won't make anything better
  3. MC_DiamondBoss

    MC_DiamondBoss KSI (MC_DiamondBossYT) here

    what's for the stuff. I appreciate it a lot :p
    Just don't talk to me. thanks
  4. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson Nope

    You need to learn the rules + not lie.
  5. MC_DiamondBoss

    MC_DiamondBoss KSI (MC_DiamondBossYT) here

    did u listen. Don't talk to me , thanks!
  6. JitterClickin

    JitterClickin grondewa

    minecraft is really cool
  7. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

    No proof
    And what lordnelson says is true you should stop
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