[Prison] MouseGamerYT threatens to hack my account

Discussion in 'Hack/ddos reports' started by MC_DiamondBoss, May 21, 2016.

  1. MC_DiamondBoss

    MC_DiamondBoss KSI (MC_DiamondBossYT) here

  2. lordnelson12

    lordnelson12 I'm a cute little pussy :>

    Finally u report something that's worth reporting.
  3. lluigi

    lluigi Dancer

    idk who I want to win here
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  4. Crixiaro

    Crixiaro Karma Staff Member Mod

    Sounds like a puny threat to get his stuff back. "Get hacked." But anyway, he will be dealt with.
  5. Jerry2kewl

    Jerry2kewl From Ebay C/O $6.95 Staff Member Mod

    Honestly these threats have gotten to the point of being a joke.
  6. I hope he gets perms banned,when I threatened to call up flashy because someone scammed me I got perms banned,then everyone got unbanned and then I got banned straight away,so please don't let him off with a warning,even if he is joking around

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