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Shall this command be added?

  1. Yes

  2. Maybe have it tested

  3. No

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  1. Extremedude9999

    Extremedude9999 Prison (Spartan) -1st Prison Boss

    Rank for permission: Any?
    Permission: /invsee
    Reasons why:
    I think this would a good command for many reasons
    1. This could be helpful in scamming, if someone is holding a pickaxe and is selling an alchemist pick for instance, the player could do the invsee command to see if it was real. However the player could quickly swap the Alchemist for a regular pick, but i think it will catch some players out that are trying to scam.
    2. This could helpful for mods and players to catch hackers. I have seen on other servers that players could hack or glitch and get like efficiency 500 pickaxes. This would be a surprise for the prison server but to ensure that the prison server is as hack free as possible, this could be a useful feature.
    3. This could also be useful in pvp, if someone says they have a very good inventory and is trying to bait you into the pvp area, you can quickly invsee to see if they are lying or not. It could also be useful if someone who has op stuff and a full inv of op stuff, you could try and get a quick kill and become op.
    4. Showing your friends or players your best stuff. I have been asked by others to see multiple things such as my unique items. A quick fix for this could be invsee so you don't risk being scammed or losing it.
    5. This may not be a huge advantage but i'll include it anyway. When multiple people are building a plot and are not cooperating on Skype or Team Speak, it may become hard to tell them how many blocks to get and have. This can be shortened by invsee. If they player uses the invsee command to see how many blocks and items another player has, he can easily tell him how much more he needs to get and if some of the stuff he has is unnecessary.

    Feel free to debate in the comments.
    Thanks ~Extreme
  2. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

    Good idea this will prevent many scams
  3. wiipro123

    wiipro123 Work hard in silence & let the success make noise.

  4. Extremedude9999

    Extremedude9999 Prison (Spartan) -1st Prison Boss


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