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Do you believe that my group of friends and I deserve a rank beside our names?

  1. Yes, I do think you deserve a special rank.

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  2. No, I dont think you deserve a special rank.

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  1. NaziBallz69

    NaziBallz69 New Member

    My friends and I would like a rank by our names the people in our group are xXLegend_GamerXx, cole_train12, acidveins, twilight2dark, COOKIEJESUS69, and NaziBallz69. We would like this so that we can recognize our group of people. I believe we deserve this because of a few reasons. The first is we are all dedicated to the server. Also, we have worked very hard to reach our ranks. As well, we don't cheat or hack on any server. In addition to these, we always help people in chat (such as times when a new player joins and they have questions we help them). Finally most of our group is very generous and helps people with money of they need it and also try to bring a little extra fun to the server by doing challenges where we give away money. So, please add next to the names above the rank/tag Squad in any color that is convenient we would just like to easily recognize our friends.

    Thank you for your time, NaziBallz69
  2. AR66311w12

    AR66311w12 Skywars Boss!

    This thread is nonesense. A lot of members do exactly what your group does. If you want to feel special go ahead and donate, help the server more.
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  3. cdennis02

    cdennis02 Forums Addict/OmegaAso

    This sounded like a good idea but it wit because everyone else will ask for it and it will be a disaster
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  4. EA_Sharks

    EA_Sharks New Member

    This thread is absurd. There are players who have helped the server much more than you and they don't ask for a rank.
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