Discussion in 'Server improvement' started by Pvped, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Pvped

    Pvped New Member

    I'm posting this here as prison doesn't have a section.
    They should add 1stack of apples for 1mill. As getting gapples is pretty hard if you don't have a rank.
    @g_p have about 2-3stacks each purely from pvp.
    If you add apples to the shop if will make it much easier
  2. g_p

    g_p grondewa

    or just give me 10stacks
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  3. cdennis02

    cdennis02 Forums Addict/OmegaAso

    Oh are you ggrekt
  4. EA_Sharks

    EA_Sharks New Member

    Format pls
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  5. Pvped

    Pvped New Member

    Is their a format?
  6. Apollo11MC

    Apollo11MC New Member

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  7. g_p

    g_p grondewa

    mhm ggrekt not ggr3kt somee randy @Davinder is ggr3kt
  8. Davinder

    Davinder New Member

    I was the original, why you heff to copy my ignnn m8 randy wannabe
  9. MLGProGamer123

    MLGProGamer123 Viva La Vida

  10. g_p

    g_p grondewa

    omg @Davinder ik my new ign FaDilyCrafTT ok in and out if the zeke
  11. Davinder

    Davinder New Member


  12. Maxxy

    Maxxy •Ex-Devil•

    I get my gapples from crates and congratz presents from Randys.
  13. g_p

    g_p grondewa


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