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Discussion in 'In-Game Server Improvements' started by SiegeFamos, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. SiegeFamos

    SiegeFamos Fac God

    Dear Surge,
    It has been a long ride since 2013, and I don't know here you are or if you will ever read this, but you need to sell the server. It has a great platform and potential to be something great. I would not like to see Squadcraft die.

  2. DerpPlayzMC

    DerpPlayzMC I shall return shortly, as a new derp

    So even if he does sell the server where will the players come from?
  3. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    If you don’t want to see it die then don’t give it a reason/excuse to die, simply continue supporting the server.

    Squadcraft has potential regardless of whether it’s in Surges hands, my hands, someone else’s hands.

    Surge doesn’t ‘need’ to do anything regarding selling up, you; among others, just want him to do so.

    Everyone has their part to play in supporting the server, even ordinary players.

    P.s. Surge does still go on the server, in fact he was on yesterday.
  4. surgetheurge

    surgetheurge Urges of Surge Admin

    im itching to revive the server
  5. Chesto856

    Chesto856 New Member

    I hope you try to fix it i remember playing back in 2014 skywars, hungergames,factions those were the best days in this game imo it would be a shame for it to shut down
    Try to think unique think of something that no server has done yet and get the server out there advertise it as much as possible since there is alot of work put into the server some new people might be interested
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  6. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is FuzzyMelons. Staff Member Mod

    Please D:
  7. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    You want the D?
  8. TakeAnL

    TakeAnL New Member

    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 15, 2018 ---
    Do you remember that cringe kid ages ago? MC_DiamondBoss or something like that? Remember him?
  9. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    Maybe. Wasn't he talking about fighting people?
  10. Akiliaku

    Akiliaku Deal with it.

    I still play and just donated... So scratch that itch and get to work
  11. TakeAnL

    TakeAnL New Member

    Jk mate. Im MC_Diamond_Boss

    My ign now is _DiamqndStrafez but i play on hypixel. Friend me and see if we can start fresh, you know. I have changed
  12. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    slap me on the ass 20 times

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