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    Now, this is just a suggestion, but maybe its time for the whole server to restart completely (with the exception of purchased ranks) with everything fixed and adding new features to the server with an advertising plan.
    The past few months, this server hasn't been making any progress, and I think that having a new start could help it progress slowly. I'm not saying its dead, what I'm saying is that we need to do something to keep it from dying.
    To say it frankly, I don't think surge can fix everything on his own. Surge, if you want this server's revival you need to do something for the server. Think of it as a dying patient. They're slowly dying and you, the doctor is just sitting there, doing nothing, only hoping the patient will get better. I know, you're only 1 person but at least do something for the server please.

    Yes I posted this anonymously. I no longer play on the server, but I'm willing to come back if it straightens up a bit.
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    So long as my Skyblock islands stay as they are and I retain bragging rights on Skywars, then I'm not against a reset. I've explained why in the past.

    In terms of changing/improving, whilst Surge has the power to make changes to the server itself, everyone has a part to play in changing the server and community as a whole, players and staff alike. Everyone has a part to play.
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    Yes, but as we are a small community, we'll have to work hard to play our part. If Surge doesn't do his job properly, then how are we going do ours properly? If everything is broken, then what are we supposed to do? We need our owner, and our staff to work together with us.
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    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    Exactly, so everyone has their part to play in improving the server.

    If Surge doesn’t do his job properly, then we have to tell him he’s not doing it properly. If everything is broken, we have to tell him that it’s broken. Whilst Surge may be a bit stubborn at times when it comes to changes to the server which he thinks are the best thing ever, if enough people criticise and protest, like refusing to play that sub server or something, then Surge is gonna have to make some changes.

    Surge is responsible for making changes to the server as a whole, plugins, bug fixes etc among other things. Staff are responsible for enforcing the rules, punishing rule breakers and being the bridge of communication between the players and Surge, among other things. The players are responsible for reporting rulebreskers and bugs, suggesting improvements to the server and; to some degree, promoting the server to friends via word of mouth.

    It’s all about communication and coordination. If Surge doesn’t know there’s a problem, he can’t fix it. If something’s been changed on the server then the players have to speak up about it or otherwise put up with it.

    Everyone in the community is responsible for the server’s decline, and everyone who hasn’t given up and actually don’t want to lose Squadcraft is responsible for its revival.
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    I agree.
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    Get players on skywars so I can get all 39,000 points I had back in the day (when there were players there)

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