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Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by Shmixel, Feb 25, 2017.

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    Hi! My name is Shmixel, and I am an avid Minecraft fanatic! I've been playing for around 4 years, and 1/4 of that time I have spent in multiplayer servers. I was introduced to SquadCraft about a year ago by my friends. I visited it, and got a lot more than I expected. After spending countless hours indulging in SquadCraft, I thought I would give back by becoming a staff member. I am online Friday for around 1 - 2 hours, Saturday for 2 - 4 hours, and Sunday for 1 - 2 hours. If time permits, I am available on Wednesdays for 1 hour. I believe I am a perfect fit for helper because I would love to see the SquadCraft community grow. I feel that giving players a safe, fun experience will encourage them to spread the word about SquadCraft and continue to play on this server. I would also like to maintain the server by motivating good behavior and punishing bad behavior. This includes hacking, abuse, spam, racism, sexism, or any other offense. And yes, I am above the age of 15. I have an active Skype. My Skype name is Winter Nova. As much as I would like to spend most of my time on SquadCraft, I AM a student, and I am striving to get into Ivy League colleges. Therefore, I may be unable to play for a few days. I am sorry about this inconvenience. However, currently I am very much free, which means I can regulate the server and bring joy to the people of SquadCraft.
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    Did you use the format.
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    Server has 4 people on average.
    Just give up.
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    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

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    idk, I mean I didn't blast him I just said I didn't support his mod app because he advertised it
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    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    It was a satirical comment.
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