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    1. I definitely think normal players [Ones without ranks], should be able to have /tpa. I think this will help players get more money and create a shop. I myself have Coal rank, so i know how it is to have /tpa. I remember when lots of people played SquadCraft and then most vanished when /tpa was removed.

    2. I think the server shop should include new items like for example cactus, or more crops. I also think that the prices are reduced a bit because I really don't want to buy 1 dirt block for $100. I also think this will help the economy so more people will be auctioning items.

    3. At /warp donate i think someone may have griefed it, because basically all the signs for the donor ranks have been destroyed. I think if this is fixed more players will buy ranks, because people will know what they are getting from their donation.

    4. I think there should be more warps like a sample island warp or maybe a farm example. I think this will improve new player's knowledge about SkyBlock and will make them more successful.

    Thank you if you considered my Improvement Thread on SkyBlock
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    I like the tpa idea. My brother used to play when it was in and the skyblock was a whole lot more active because of it. Everyone had their own little shop and people could come and buy things off each other rather than just using /auc all the time. It's also neat because it lets people see each other's islands without having to add random people or getting a mod etc to tp them like we have to at the moment, helps minimise griefing etc.
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    Actually, back in the day with tpa, shop-owners had to majorly grief protect their shops-Fence gates, doors, and blocks all in one place to stop someone from getting out. No open gaps for fear of enderpearls, etc. Also, don't necropost. As for tpa, it is a donor perk, and I don't think it's getting re added for everyone. However, donor perks are not fully set up which is why there are no signs at warp donate. To sell crops and cactus and stuff, you can use challenges. As for the island warps, that is supposed to be a donor perk but is not set up, but this would enable such a thing.
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    xExoticWeiner Seahawks got this next year

    I don't think non-donors should have /tpa

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