SkyWars mods - Perms to deal with hackers

Discussion in 'Permissions requests' started by InsideOutMinecraft, May 2, 2014.

  1. InsideOutMinecraft

    InsideOutMinecraft New Member

    Server to have permission on:
    SkyWars 1

    Rank for permission:


    | /vanish | /ncp | /fly | /nick

    Reasons why:

    SkyWars is in a seriously dire situation at the moment. It is riddled with fly hackers &, as it stands, there are no server-side measures in place for the mods themselves to deal with these them. Offline Tempban was a godsend and helped us remove a large majority of them, however, it's no longer enough. We urgently need these perms, as SkyWars is losing players day by day because of the hackers.

    Individual reasons for these perms:
    /tp: This allows mods to go directly to people accused of hacking by the players
    /vanish: Prevents aforementioned hackers covering up as they are unable to see the mod
    /ncp: 20k improb: 2 hour 200k improb: 10 year
    /fly: So while monitoring hackers, we don't fall into the void lel
    /nick: Hackers turn their clients off when they see a mod in their game

    Please help, kind regards & god speed.

    Love Josh <3
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  2. FoxCraftHD

    FoxCraftHD Sell me an illegal meme

    Yeah that would work out pretty good :3
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  3. JelloCraftHD

    JelloCraftHD New Member

    Good idea Joshy <3
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  4. FireAnAntMan

    FireAnAntMan New Member

    and the thing that says mod should be removed over mods heads
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  5. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    Fully support this
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  6. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    Honestly if things like this dont improve squad will just go into a downfall... as it is there are way too many hackers for us to deal with
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  7. Totally agree!
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  8. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    Josh, /nick is only for the chat log. In game it doesn´t change anything.
    And for /vanish, I doubt it would stop players using clients from being able to see your hitboxes. I have seen their perspective, and it really would not change anything. But everything else is a good idea.
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  9. FireAnAntMan

    FireAnAntMan New Member

    i think we should get anti-hacking software
  10. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    But who would install it :p
  11. FireAnAntMan

    FireAnAntMan New Member

    yonda or surge
  12. Buttpiracy

    Buttpiracy Guest

    Lol. FireAnAntMan made a joke.
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  13. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

  14. FireAnAntMan

    FireAnAntMan New Member

    true or you could get one of the mods
  15. Datti123

    Datti123 Some Austrian,

    Good idea
  16. InsideOutMinecraft

    InsideOutMinecraft New Member

  17. weathers11

    weathers11 Banter King

    Good idea but maybe u shouldn't be able to die either cos if they have kill aura good bye
  18. Datti123

    Datti123 Some Austrian,

  19. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    Mods need way more permissions. As it is now it is quite a struggle to get evidence.
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  20. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    YES YES YES YES YES ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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