Special Hacked Client.

Discussion in 'Creative' started by 123rick1969, Aug 29, 2015.

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  1. 123rick1969

    123rick1969 New Member

    Ingame name: XFadeingPhoenixX.
    Ingame name of hacker/ddoser: Wally_Man42 and Tntman257 andil64gaming.
    Proof of hacking/ddosing:
    Any extra things you want to add: They have been hacking on Creative for a long time but I have not had proof. 2015-08-28_21.08.23.png

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  2. TheHydraPhoenix

    TheHydraPhoenix Marvel Addict

  3. g_p

    g_p grondewa

    what's the point in hacking on creative? xD
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  4. TheHydraPhoenix

    TheHydraPhoenix Marvel Addict

    ikr xD
  5. 123rick1969

    123rick1969 New Member

    XD its so dumb and theres no point

    and it was a good catch. they just said it in chat.

    I got all of them in the same screen shot.
  6. I'm going to be honest, this isn't really enough proof. They could just be joking around with each other. Although, their knowledge of these clients is suspicious...
  7. TheHydraPhoenix

    TheHydraPhoenix Marvel Addict

    Um... you can't joke around about hacking. I guess you can, but it is a bad idea because you will pretty much automatically get banned, even if you were "joking"
  8. EA_Sharks

    EA_Sharks New Member

    Admitting to hacking is insufficient proof because there is a thing called sarcasm.

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