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    I know you probably wont do this.. But please read. Im ilovepie300 and i joined this server a long time ago, i found it online as a good sg server. I joined and loved the hg/maps the lobby was the best part. I was on like around midnight when the lobbys where changed, at first everyone thought it was kinda cool. But after a while i saw less and less of my friends, and more new people i have never seen anymore. Some of my friends in real life quit squadcraft because of the change in maps and lobbys, i know it sounds crazy but that was the main attractions for me and my friends. I saw a friend from like a year ago, i asked him why he hasnt been on in so long.. he said because the new lobby sucks and he wishes just the old one would come back, he signed off, havent seen him. I got on today.. NOBODY was on sg... nobody.. hardy anyone. I believe its bc sg is dying. and The only way to bring back people to the server and sg, BRING BACK THE OLD LOBBY AND THE MAPS, i know it may be hard, but it would mean alot to us. We hope you will listen, i have wished someone would change it back for a long time now, if u can change it back do it fast. If u dont want to get ride of the old lobby, then have lobby 1 and lobby 2, see which one has more people on it and decide. Please im sorry to bother you but this is a big thing to me, bc i loved this server and now i dont play it as much anymore. Please if you guys dont than please at least bring back the maps, but it would mean alot you change the lobbys as well.....So much has changed sense i joined this server, most of it is not for the best.. im sorry but i wish things would go back to how they were a little while ago. But i still love the server... just wont play much because of the sg thing... Thank you for reading, if you actually did read all this than please consider.. Idk if anyone else has written a letter about this... But please listen, Thank you.


    please thank you :D
  2. i love pie too, ilovepie300..

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