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Discussion in 'General chat' started by Hulk Hayden, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Hulk Hayden

    Hulk Hayden New Member

    Thank you Squadcraft for making my childhood!
    I first played this server back in 2013 I think, and I remember waking up saturday morning and playing skywars with my brother on the couch with our laptops...
    Times were easy and fun back then.
    Thank You for just changing my life. <3'
  2. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them


    Jokes aside, I enjoyed my time on squad for the most part. The majority of the skyblock community were great people to hang out and chat with and it was great when people came together to help each other and work on projects.

    Shame to see it in It’s current state, not that I can actually connect to the server anymore lol but hey ho. Nice to pop back whenever I can for a trip down memory lane.
  3. xExoticWeiner

    xExoticWeiner Seahawks got this next year

    Damn the memories this server has this server was basically my life I’d wake up and go straight too sky wars with @Sloww
  4. Sloww

    Sloww ily

    seahawks got it next year bro

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