This server is so dead!

Discussion in 'General chat' started by ymybuddies, Mar 12, 2018.

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    ... you noticed that 'This server is so dead!" just happened, or you just noticed that you made a thread called "This server is so dead!"?

    Anyway, regardless of what you, or anyone says, I'm not changing my view on the server, especially since all who tried have failed to give me any proper reasoning or proof that hasnt already been flawed.

    The points I've already raised and explanation I've already given still apply, including those in my signature.

    Oh, and:
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    The only thing you can do on the server is skyblock and creative. the rest of the sub servers require more then 1 player online to play.
  4. Finalninjadog

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    The parkour courses are still playable, same goes for all the factions server since there’s nothing stopping you from playing the Pve elements of it. I don’t know much about prison but I’m pretty sure even that is still playable.

    Even though they’re not on the GUI the servers are still available using the /server command.
  5. sexyrussian

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    well actually i think creative is down. but ill look into that.
  6. Finalninjadog

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    The only servers down are creative, hcf and overcraft. Though not sure if overcraft is cause of needing to be in 1.9+ or not.
  7. surgetheurge

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    hey I had a question about mob stacking.
    I was doing a lot of thinking balancing mob spawners, and well, only passive creatures can truly be afked. That makes spawners a lot less easier to balance.. However if mob stacking is a thing, well now you can farm all spawners, the mobs will stack up and then you just have to kill them. Hmm, so we can make it so they die one at a time, and we can prevent them from picking up items to stop dupes. However I don't know if afking hostile creatures is a good idea as their drops are supposed to be more valuable. Or maybe we should make all spawners afkable but balance them... So what do you think about mob stacking?
  8. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    ^ Well, I think that's more than enough proof that Surge still cares about the server, and that it's not dead.

    Anyway, mob stacking, jeez haven't had to think about that for ages.

    What exactly do you mean by only passive creatures can truly be afked? How can only passive creatures be 'truly' afk farmed? I've been afk farming mobs whilst I work on my island for ages, mobs spawn, they die, their loot gets collected, easy.

    Honestly, I'd say just allow mob stacking for all mobs. I was under the impression that it was introduced as a way to tackle despawning as a whole, and it did a far better job of doing that compared to mob taming.

    Regarding whether they should be killed one at a time, I don't think it really matters. I mean, it's a bit more challenging if you have to kill a stack of 5 zombies 5 times over, but I don't think it's a big deal whether you can kill all 5 at once or not.

    The only issue I knew of with mob stacking was the item duping due to mobs picking up items, which I said ages ago can be solved by just preventing them from picking up/wearing stuff. If that's possible and mob taming is replaced with stacking, then in theory it solves all current and previous mob related issues that I can remember off the top of my head.

    Afk farming mobs, again, I really don't think it matters, imo wither skulls (and perhaps epearls) are the real challenge(s) to gather, so might as well just let people afk farm.
  9. JoaquineN

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    What's left of this server is pathetic. Call it alive as much as you'd like, but if all that's truly left on the forum page of a server is few OGs and a moderator in denial then the server is back to nothing. You might as well just fucking whitelist the damn server for "maintenance" so it at least looks like you're doing something. Just my two cents.
  10. MetaMonkeyz

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    Uh oh, you’ll awaken the animal from its cage D:
  11. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    Ah, gotta love it when people don’t see something for what it’s worth and just resort to exaggerating to try appealing to the masses.

    Firstly, you missed off the second moderator; both of whom are regularly on the forums, and the server owner who is only a couple of posts above you, here let me point it out:

    As you can see, he’s working on the server, so there’s no need for you to whine that nothing is actually happening.

    Secondly seeing as you like making snide remarks without naming people, I’m going to assume you’re referring to me. Well, turns out you’re wrong again. I ain’t in denial, I’m thinking realistically, something which you, and all the pessimistic trolls that came before you, obviously don’t know how to do.

    It’s people like you that make communities toxic, all you can be bothered to do or muster any energy for is to complain about stuff that you could help fix. But no, you'd rather just complain. What a sad and pathetic excuse to come on the forums for.

    Now, if you don’t mind, I have better things to do than put up with nuisances.
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  12. surgetheurge

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    So mob stacking was added just to better manager mobs. It does prevent mobs from despawning, but that's a side effect. Mob taming was on the side minigame that was supposed to add something to do. Collect strong creates that you can eventually maybe even use in pvp. ofc mob taming isn't suited to skyblock as the skyblock is tiny and there isn't much for you to do.

    So on factions, if a pig dies from fire, it will drop cooked meat. If it gets killed by a player, it will drop meat and exp. If a creeper is killed by a player, it will drop gun powder and exp. If a creeper is killed by fire, it will drop nothing. hostile mobs, if not last hit by the player, drop nothing. So when you get a zombie spawner, and you grind them with suffocation damage, they all die leaving nothing. You can afk all night and gether up a bunch of .5 hp zombie, and last hit them all, but if you wait too long, like I did one time, there will be so many zombies they will crash your client. When you log back in they will all despawn. Not that you will be able to walk around with that many zombies there. However mob stacking enables infinite number of zombies. Afk for 3 days if you want, then one shot the one zombie with looting 3, get 3000 kills, and 100 dubs of zombie loot. It's kinda game breaking and promotes afking for money
  13. MetaMonkeyz

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    I hope y’all know about the spam bots on this server lol. I’ve been deleting them the best I can for months now, ya gotta make them go away pls
  14. Finalninjadog

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    I'm pretty sure pvp's never worked properly on Skyblock anyway, so all the tamed mobs can do is protect you from other mobs. Mob taming was just useless and unreliable on Skyblock anyway, it takes ages to tame, if you go away whilst it tames then it despawns, not to mention that you could spawn infinite animals from one spawn egg for some reason.

    So it seems that passive mobs are more reliable in the sense that they'll drop loot whichever way you kill them, whilst hostile mobs are a bit more picky. But hostile mobs can die from more natural ways, like with skeletons shooting creepers for music discs, cacti or from fall damage; that's why the most common mob farms involve dropping mobs from large heights. All my mob farms work fine automatically by killing them from fall damage so I can just work on something else whilst collecting loot.

    Gotta love all that tasty spam. I could have helped to delete those threads if I was ever actually given any forum perms. But yeah, they gotta go.

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