Tips, Rules and FAQ on making a Moderator Request

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Dibleyy, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. Dibleyy

    Dibleyy The Skywars Vicar

    Okay, so there have been many, many people breaking the rules when they post a Moderator Request, so I just want to outline them all in this thread as well as answering some common questions.


    1. Don't make more than one application at a time, we're not saying that if you get denied you can NEVER, EVER, EVER MAKE ONE EVER AGAIN! But please just wait like 2 Months and make a new, better one. DON'T make a new one the next day.

    2. Don't hate on other people's application, if you don't think it's good it's best to just leave it and let a Moderator deal with it.

    3. Don't backseat moderate on people's applications, don't say if they're denied, feel free to make polite suggestions but don't be rude.

    4. ALWAYS, use the format (

    5. Don't ask staff if your application has been looked at or why it was denied, it will lower your chances of being accepted and it will tick off staff.

    6. Do NOT copy other people's applications. We will find out.

    7. Do not Lie. We will find out.



    I cannot stress this enough, look, learn and move on.

    2. On a calmer note, remember to add LOTS of detail and make sure to use legitimate points: Not like "I recrd videoz on da squdcraft pls guve me mod" or "i haz play for lng time lyke 4 yrs giv me mod."

    3. Don't sound cocky, obviously you are selling yourself to be a Moderator but don't make yourself sound arrogant.

    4. Be nice, if someone comments some constructive criticism don't rage at them, just thank them and move on. If a Moderator denies your application don't rage at them or blame them, they're only doing their job.

    5. Just overall make yourself look good, mature and worthy of being a moderator.

    7. One thing people don't always understand: A really good application won't get you mod. It's your application combined with your ingame behavior, activity and reputation. I can write a big 3 page application (I'm good at English) but if I'm a bad and annoying on the server or no one has ever heard of me, then I have no chance.


    My Mod app has been locked without a reply, why?
    We don't have time to reply to every Moderator Application and sometimes they're not even worth replying to so understand that at busy times we can't always reply. Also, we do get a lot of Hate sometimes when we deny peoples Mod Apps so we don't always want to reply because we do get hate and we don't really want that.

    Do you actually read Mod Apps?
    Yes, we read every mod app, good and bad.

    My Mod app has been locked and denied so I cannot edit and improve it!
    You were denied once, I doubt editing will help.

    I hope you take everything on this thread into consideration.

    On behalf of all the Staff Team,

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  2. Caleb Morrison

    Caleb Morrison F3arxB3astly the Sweg Master

    nicely done! hope people actualy read it and follow the rules:)
  3. Andriy Semenovych

    Andriy Semenovych New Member

    good job i will make sure i follow every rule
  4. Jerzy5821

    Jerzy5821 JJmac's Brother

    dibleyy :p
  5. CalebH13

    CalebH13 The Buildman

    I think that this is a great post becuase now i know i will be able to apply for Mod again :). Becuase when i wrote my first mod app it was like 2 AM and i was tired so it was... lets just say bad... The next time it will be better so thanks :D
  6. Dibleyy

    Dibleyy The Skywars Vicar

    Great guys! I hope this has clarified things for you :)
  7. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    Usefull lol. I cam see where I went wrong XD
  8. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    Is this moderator application thing going to be open forever? Because in my opinion moderators should only be selected if needed. Why have more than you need? But congrats on mod, George.
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  9. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    I think we should have about 1-2 mods at the most online at a time. And like 5 for each main time zone.
  10. Dibleyy

    Dibleyy The Skywars Vicar

    I'm not sure, but thanks <3
  11. DrPigu/Ryan


  12. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    We don't want the server to be overrun with mods or they will probably get slack if other mods are doing the moderating.
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  13. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    I couldn't agree with you more. I'm worried right now a couple of mods are already slacking.
  14. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    I don't think we need to worry about that yet. I hope not.
  15. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    I'm not sure. Sometimes you have to address a problem before it expands.
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  16. CheeseQuacks

    CheeseQuacks Everyone should use the most OP kits they can!

    Yeah its definitely something staff need to watch out for.
  17. MadMan2202

    MadMan2202 New Member

    nice job explaning!
  18. Dibleyy

    Dibleyy The Skywars Vicar

    Just added an extra point to the Tips section.
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