To all people making a moderator request EDIT: PLZ READ

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Yum44, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    Glad you liked it Ryan :D
  2. Caleb Morrison

    Caleb Morrison F3arxB3astly the Sweg Master

    Wow Pigu can like something? I guess there is a first for everyone:p Jks
  3. CamDoesPvP

    CamDoesPvP SkyWars Boss | YouTuber |

    Ty Yum, best mod <3
  4. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    Fanks :3
  5. Evravon30

    Evravon30 Born at a very young age

    Thanks* lolol
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  6. Electric_Ice777

    Electric_Ice777 New Member

    Just because im rude once doesnt mean 24/7, but its yondas say not yours, and yes, mcmmo thing was NOT i the rules when i posted it. Im rude if i have to be, or to get something through to someone who wont listen,
  7. Electric_Ice777

    Electric_Ice777 New Member

    Simply because you are his ally. He is only nice to his allies. I have done nothing to him IN THE PAST, and he still hated me, Now i gave him a reason to hate me.
    He mainly jails anyone that has to do with him pvping or his friends, if i pvped someone, for example, and they safezoned, Jello would never jail due to its me and not him.
  8. Dibleyy

    Dibleyy The Skywars Vicar

    Yonda makes the final decision, we sift through the mod apps and find the viable candidates. MMCMMO is in the rules thread, I would know because I wrote it. Stop hating on us because you're butthurt over being denied. Just deal with it.
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  9. Fallen

    Fallen #420BLAZIN #swag #yolo

    Elecrtic i dont like go away you complain to much
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  10. Electric_Ice777

    Electric_Ice777 New Member

    Mcmmo thing wasnt in the rules when i posted.
    I would know because i made my post before your extra rules.
    I have a right to. So random ppl quit butting in a conversation that of which is not yours to participate in.
  11. Electric_Ice777

    Electric_Ice777 New Member

    If you do something to me, i do it back. They made another offense, so i did. The end.
  12. fretty9 the one who loses

    fretty9 the one who loses [Gold] on skywars ofcourse

    THATS IT FALLEN <3 lol
  13. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    If someone is as much of an idiot as you, you do NOT deserve to be a mod. It's called respect, get some
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  14. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    "conversation that of which is not yours to participate in"
    This "conversation" is on a public thread, genius. If you want it kept private do it through the "CONVERSATION" feature of the forums
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  15. Fallen

    Fallen #420BLAZIN #swag #yolo

    yeah what yum said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

  17. xephos7916

    xephos7916 SWAG MASTER

    IDK Y but i realy want to be a faction mod cuz i play on it like 2 to 5 hours a day but i got rejected.xephos7916<--- Sad kid
  18. Electric_Ice777

    Electric_Ice777 New Member

    I am polite, but i have no way to show it to you, if you act this way to me.
    If someone hates you for no reason, give them a reason.
    Simply give me a reason to be nice.
    All i did was give my opinion, and then u guys come along.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
  19. DrPigu/Ryan


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  20. Yum44

    Yum44 Zlol13's brother

    That is the exact opposite of a good mod
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