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Discussion in 'News' started by surgetheurge, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Hello. Basically three years ago Noah and I separated. Also I worked on crewniverse.com for three months and it was a squad clone even with our skywars maps. I was promised 30% of the income, then when i finished the job, the server organizer Dylan said that, oh no, i was promised 30% of his 30% and that ended up being like 7%. So I was told I would get paid $5k, Then a month later dylan offered me $5k in minecraft gift codes, then I was offered nothing at all. I did get 1200 during the development but that went largely into covering bills of the development. The server made $76k in the opening. Also I was surprised the way the crew was splitting the money initially. There were eight of them, but only four were getting paid, and all four were getting paid equal parts, even though three of them had 1 mil subs and one had 4 mil subs. So basically Noah and I parted, and then I got scammed out of three months of my life, which should have yielded me at least 100-300k. Back then I didn't know what psychopaths were or that you should have legal contracts for every deal. I guess i feel better because the crew server shutdown. I guess I feel better because all of the crew's youtube accounts are basically dead. 20k views on an upload for a 1 mil subs channel isn't exactly thriving with life. And I guess feel better because dylan blew all his earnings into pilot training, which is a hobby for rich people, because the training is so expansive, like 450 or 750 or something dollars per hour for like 400 hours, that only rich children do it to then get into a moderately paying job. He could have invested into a business, or something else, or made something but he just wasted it. So yeah I'm kinda glad all the money that was scammed of me ended up being wasted. For Noah, I'm not glad things went badly for him. I think he got depressed too and his youtube channel died as well. I'm not a bad person, I don't usually wish people harm or misfortune, even my enemies. Even though I said bad things happened to the people who crossed me, I never wished it on them. So I am sad that noah's youtube channel died. People messaged me for years to talk to noah and get him back to revive the server but there are a few problems with that. a) his channel is kinda dead so... yeah. b) It wasn't noah who kept the server alive. It was you guys. Back in the day we had 300 players on hunger games with almost no advertising. Word of mouth made the server what it is. c) he is the one that stopped talking to me, he deleted me. So yeah, I don't wish noah any misfortune, and I'm sad his youtube channel died, and also he purchased a car with his earnings.... so that was pretty retarded. lol. Anyway updates coming soon. I see so many bad servers, highly popular servers out there that it's a crime that a better server won't take their place.
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    So does this mean you're going to be taking a more active role soon?
    Also are you going to work with us and towards our needs and wants for the server?
    I'm really glad that you are interested in trying to revive the server so I do hope that this time you can make a much more sustainable system that we can all enjoy.
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    Both of those are what’s presumed to be happening soon or whatever. I think @BunnySlayah69 is working with him I’m pretty sure too so you can get some more insight if you’d like, but I think advertising is the main problem tho ofc, not sure if surge has worked on it yet.
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    Any1 else think this sounds like more of a rant than anything else?

    Also: comes on Jan 12. Says updates coming soon. Leaves Jan 17. Nice.
    And now I await my near certain ban for voicing an opinion. SC hasn’t changed much in that regard :)
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    Relax dude I doubt he’d ban you for something like that lol

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