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    • Minecraft name xAxitis.
    • I play minecraft to pvp and to spend time and have fun.
    • EST.
    • Factions.
    • At night during the week on weekends mainly throughout the whole day.
    • I can probably play 6 hours a day but I play more like 8.
    • 5 years.
    • When mcmmo had more than 30 people on.
    • On fac2, kitpvp, prison and normal factions.
    • I want to become a mod to help build and help users who are new to the server.
    • No not at all.
    • If I am not chosen, there will be no harm done, i just seek to help build squadcraft back up to where it was at.
    • I am very social and I find the good in people and I'm very generous.
    • Yes, for saying no to a mod.
    • No.
    • I treat younger players like they are older, with all respect.
    • No.
    • I've given a lot of my kits away I've bought emerald rank on mcmmo to help pay off the server and I spread around the news of squadcraft and the potential it has.
    • This is my first one, it was be my second but I wasn't sure how to do it in 2014.
    • I just want to say that i love this server and will do ANYTHING to help build it and help fix it.
    • I was an Admin on my cousins server.
    • I am very nice and not selfish, I look passed peoples flaws and help them become a better person, I try to be the best I can and always be yourself.

    Sincerely, xAxitis
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