xX_Combo_Xx auto click and /disguise macro

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Superkazu, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    ign: superkazu
    ign of hacker: xX_Combo_Xx

    autoclick 0:33, autoclick 0:56, macro 1:16
  2. xXWitherXx

    xXWitherXx New Member

    sure.. 100% i guess i cant have the command ready and jump then hit the arrow button and hit enter.. i guess thats macros.... and whats so wrong with me hitting after im about to gap? i dont see how that is autoclicker.. i would love to hear your clicks though :)
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  3. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    @xXWitherXx aren't you banned on BanterousBloke and this would be ban evading?
  4. xXWitherXx

    xXWitherXx New Member

    yea i am banned for chargeback..
  5. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

  6. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many


    he's bad tho
  7. nv_Virus

    nv_Virus -=Factions Emerald=-

    i want to hear kazu's clicks and i dont get what this video proves.
  8. xXWitherXx

    xXWitherXx New Member

  9. LittleFallen

    LittleFallen OldFac was our home u all left it :(

    XD superkazu is a major jew and he's playing wiz khalifa
  10. ExternalOGpvp123

    ExternalOGpvp123 Helper-Emerald

    ur staff, cant u do it ur self, like realy
  11. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy


    We got no ban perms
  12. ExternalOGpvp123

    ExternalOGpvp123 Helper-Emerald

    ohh sorry man, cant u ban wile in-game if u see a hacker
  13. *cough* SKYPE *cough*
  14. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    If you were hitting the up arrow you would of had to hit it multiple times because you were talking in chat.
  15. tinydoc

    tinydoc WalroosBoi

    He is definitely using some kind of hack or autoclicker i pvped against him and when he was losing with xXIWitherIXx they turned on hacks and could do like 2 hearts of damage when i had p4 and a gapp on

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