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  1. zombieblood208

    zombieblood208 New Member

    What is your Minecraft name? My Mc Name is zombieblood208

    Why do you play Minecraft? Its a great Game And a Good way to meet new Friends

    What is your time zone?
    Eastern time zone

    What single sub-server do you spend the most time on? My Fav Server Squadcraft

    When are you usually online? I don't even know I come on I just come on alot

    How many hours a day can you play? How many hours do you actually play? Look up There


    How long have you been playing SquadCraft? Probs like 3 and a half years I think cant remember

    What's your favorite memory on SquadCraft? First time Joining

    Where do you spend your time at SquadCraft? Kitpvp Skyblock Creative Prison

    Why do you want to be a moderator? What is your goal as a SquadCraft moderator? To Ban the hackers Because not that much mods come on and make it popular again!

    As a moderator, how will you affect SquadCraft? Help The People that need help and also ban hackers to

    Do you want Mod just to have Mod next to your name? No

    What happens if you are not chosen to be a moderator? I will apply Again and whoever that got mod I will congrats them

    What kind of skills do you have? Pvp Kind Of Building Kind of

    Have you ever been banned? If so, why? I think I have been ban 3 times 1st was cussing 2nd was staff disrespect and I was appearntly advertising on some other server when I don't remember advertising

    Have you ever cheated, used hacks? If so, why? I have never cheated

    How do you treat younger players? I will treat them with respect and help them

    Do you use TeamSpeak or skype? I use Skype

    List the things you've done to help the SquadCraft community and the SquadCraft server.
    I cant even remember uhhhhhh

    How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one? I submitted 0 before I'm thinking submitting to a other server I'm just op on a other server

    Is there anything else you would like to say? Nope

    Do you have any experience as a staff member of any organization? (doesn't have to be Minecraft) Yes I'm Op on a other server

    Tell us about yourself, about you, your character, personality and values. A lot of things like I'm nice I listen I do my chores and stuff I don't wanna add more stuff cause this toke like 2 hours to do

  2. iDontKnowAnymore

    iDontKnowAnymore I eat rice with everything.


    Why create a mod app now? Even if the server weren't dead this trash would never get accepted.

    For starters, there's too little detail. And on one of your questions, all you said was "^look up there."

    So you simply couldn't take a few minutes or so to type out how many hours? And if I recall, your behavior hasn't been that great on the server itself.

    Yes yes, I'm a hyprocrite for saying it but it's not my mod application.

    -1 from me.
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  3. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    By writing a mod app and having negatively interacted with Finalninjadog in the past, you have summoned the being that is FinalCritic, he who has come to critique on threads to release the skeletons in the closet.


    Now, let us begin with the application...

    Yes, I know that this app is doomed to get denied, I'm just helping it stay denied. And yes, I know I'm not perfect, and I'm not trying to be. But Zombie of all (but one) Squadcraft mod applicants I know, does not deserve to get mod. He rages a fair amount and loves being salty and toxic at people he doesn't like and then likes being all sweet and innocent when he actually wants something. I've played multiple games of skywars and survival games with him, and the vast majority of times I've beaten him, causing zombie to show his predictable true colours. The only time he beat me at survival games was when he had to resort to dirty tactics, deciding to attack me straight after the grace period, despite being agreed that we wouldn't do so. The only server that Zombie wants to pvp me on now is kitpvp, the server I don't play, where he has the unfair advantage on. Typical dirty tactics of Zombie.

    Now, lets look at this thing which you call an app.

    And to rage and be salty at everyone you don't like. Because why not?

    Poor understanding/interpretation of the question.


    And get bored a lot.

    So you play 'alot' hours...

    No Skywars or Survival Games?

    Really? All you're gonna do about rulebreakers is ban the hackers? And leave the rest of them? Well, not much surprise seeing as you've broken the rules yourself.

    Knowing you, you'd ban everyone you don't like.

    And abuse powers.

    No plz. Our eyes, the first time is more than enough.

    The Pvp skills are meh. Perhaps you should add saltiness/toxicity, along with raging skills too.

    Excuses, excuses.

    Boy, they must allow anyone to apply for mod these days, especially rule breakers. Oh wait...

    A pear? No thanks <3 u?

    Well, not hacks/mods at least...


    Lack of consistency.

    So, you're gonna apply on another server to abuse your powers elsewhere?


    Just because you're Op on another server doesn't necessarily make you staff. So, how are things going ruining that server?

    'A lot of things'... Very descriptive

    To how many? And to how many are you salty to?

    Is that before or after you ignore them?

    Is now a good time to mention the excessive spam you like doing?

    Enough said...

    And how much of that time was spent actually writing the application?

    Yeah, Zombie doesn't deserve mod. A lot of the stuff in the app is lies and contradiction.

    This is all I can be bothered to write. I rest my case.
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  4. iDontKnowAnymore

    iDontKnowAnymore I eat rice with everything.

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL SPEECH! butyea, mods aren't needed now. Applying for one is now pointless.
  5. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    You don't have to write all that. Lmfao. One sentence is well enough.
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  6. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    Yeah, well this is Zombie we're talking about.

    Plus, you didn't have to point that out, so we're both even.
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  7. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    Are you only doing this just because of zombie's incapability of writing a decent mod app? You're not helping him in anyway, and at this point, you're just doing this for publicity and humor. If you're going to criticize him, do it in a way where you're not just making a joke out of him or his mod app. If you're unable to do that, at least do it in a short amount of sentences. Nobody would care less to read something as long as your's just for the purpose of getting a little chuckles.
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  8. zombieblood208

    zombieblood208 New Member

    Thank You!
  9. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    If you actually spent any time on the server these days then you may have a better understanding of the situation rather than jumping to conclusions. Plus, if you actually read my reply instead of making bold assumptions about it, then you may see that it mentions stuff that had been previously going on in game. If I didn't know Zombie before he wrote this application, then I wouldn't have posted on it. I'm not trying to help him in anyway because unlike some, I know what he can be like and I have a pretty good idea of what he would most likely be like on the near-impossible chance that the application gets accepted. I didn't write my post for publicity, as mentioned already, I'm making sure that the app doesn't get accepted. I don't care what you think about my reply or what Zombie thinks about it or how salty he's gonna be towards me as a result of this. The truth is, with the way that Zombie acts, he hasn't done anything that would convince me; a former admin and was due to be executive of a professional server for a suitable period of time, that he actually deserves to be a mod. Not on this server, not on any professional server. I didn't write the post for humour or publicity, I'm not some attention seeker who can't go without being centre of attention 24/7. I decided to add some humour because I found stuff in the app which I could make a joke out of, simple as that.

    I don't care who reads my posts on this app or how much they can be bothered to read of it. But if you're gonna start kicking up a fuss about it, then how about actually taking the time to read it properly first. You don't have to comment on everything you dissaprove of y'know. There's a fair amount on the forums that I've seen and thought was just plain pathetic, including your own stuff, but I ain't complaining about it.

    I'm known to have an eye for detail, not necessarily on here, but now you can see it first hand. If you're gonna try and prove a point about this post now that you're being faced with opposition, then it's probably best to read first and then write, rather than straight up trying to speak your mind. If not, then just keep it dark, because other than taking the time to reply, I couldn't care less about what you think of me and what I do. Ok bud? Kthnxbai

    FinalCritic strikes again.

    Np, hope you had a nice read ;)

    I'll go prepare some popcorn now, just in case :3
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  10. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    That's about the most eloquence you will see in squadcraft
  11. AniJan

    AniJan Hard work betrays little, But dreams betray many

    I really don't see why you would even spend this amount of time just for the sake of making sure he doesn't make it in the mod app. I'm sure you know that this will never get accepted and as do I. He has poor grammar, makes contradictions, etc. Just from that, you can tell he's never going to get accepted. You don't need to know his behavior in-game to judge him, since his mod app itself is just sufficient proof that he lacks the qualities of being mod. Like I said, at this point you're only making a fool out of him. Making this long of a statement just for the sake of "lowering his chances" is completely vacuous and unproductive.
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  12. Twerkae

    Twerkae Louis

    I mean if the server wasn't dead the expectations would be higher.
    Also u should spend ur time on something better than commenting on shit mod apps, because we both know damn well that it'll never get accepted in a million years. I know that I'm essentially doing the same thing by talking to you about this so maybe we should both do more productive shit
  13. Why, tell me why. server is ded no point trying buddy.
  14. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    I know that swearing is one of the less serious rules of squadcraft, and isn't officially on the rules list. However, players have been punished in the past for swearing and evading the filter, which is in place for a reason. And since a moderator is responsible for enforcing rules like this, they should be setting an example.

    So, lets see how Zombie is doing at setting an example. With some pictures I got yesterday...


    Yes, I know that some words are more severe than others, but if the chat filter has purposely filtered words like these, then someone who wants to be a mod shouldn't be trying to evade the filter.

    What a great example Zombie is setting.
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  15. lordnelson12

    lordnelson12 I'm a cute little pussy :>

    May i just ask, What Is the point in applying is my question.
  16. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    I decided to do so because I wanted to. It only took up a bit of time in the vast amount of time that my life decides to continue for, humans tend to waste lots of time doing things that aren't really necessary, but we still do it all the same. I try to be open minded and consider the possibilities, until the very end when something is completely inevitable. Now, that doesn't mean I have the tiniest uneasiness that the application will get accepted, I just wanted to play my part to ensure that my account of Zombie is out there so that my perspective is as fullest as it can be for people to see the full picture of what Zombie is like. Zombie's app in effect is just him putting on a mask trying to cover up his wrongdoings to the public, some of whom are unaware. I'm making his wrongdoings known to everyone so that there's a fairer judgement. Not all of the contradictions are obvious, such as the comments on listening and being nice; how can one show that they're a good listener through an application? It's details such as these that you need to experience first hand, in game with said applicant, to prove or disprove. I don't care if I'm making a fool of him, at least the truth is out there. With the way things are right now, I didn't have anything better to do at the time of writing my initial post on the app. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me whether the time and effort I put into making sure he doesn't get accepted doesn't actually amount to anything. Just like the stuff I've done trying to get skyblock fixed, I know that I've played my part and I am satisfied with it.

    I have every right to voice my opinions about Zombie and his attempt at becoming a mod just as much as you have the right to tell me that my post isn't necessary. I know that my initial post on this app won't really amount to anything, so you don't need to point that out to me. And again, you don't need to comment on things that you disapprove of because other than this post I have written in reply, I couldn't care less about whether you think my opinion on the matter at hand was needed or not. Sometimes, if you don't like something, you could just keep it to yourself. Not everything is going to change the way you want it to just because you didn't like how it was. If that was the case, then sign me up on that scheme, because I can think of a couple of things that most people don't approve of on skyblock that could do with 'changing' (*wink wink* @iDontKnowAnymore).

    One could even argue that your reply is unproductive and uncalled for because I couldn't care enough to change to your satisfaction. And this whole situation isn't necessary, but it's still happening for some reason. I'm gonna do things the way I want to and the way I like, I don't care if you, or anyone else disapproves of it. Got it matey? Thank you for unproductively and pointlessly wasting your time to express your dissatisfaction towards my work, it entertains me almost as much as writing my counter-arguments which flaws the arguments in the first place. Kthnxbai.

    Must FinalCritic point it out again?

    Popcorn anyone?
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  17. ymybuddies

    ymybuddies "New" member

    I dont think he is going to finish reading your essay.
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  18. Revelutionz

    Revelutionz That one dutch guy

    Nah bad app bad player
  19. Finalninjadog

    Finalninjadog Ninjas don't wish upon stars, they throw them

    Well, if he's actually that bothered about making any acceptable points then it would be worth his while. Otherwise, there's more for me to work with.

    Plus, it's only like about 583 characters or so *shifty eyes*
  20. What if hes just swearing to his friends i think its not really a problem tbh.

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