Discussion in 'Submit your builds' started by surgetheurge, May 22, 2016.

  1. surgetheurge

    surgetheurge Urges of Surge Admin

    set the thread prefix.
    upload screenshots.
    upload the map.
  2. lluigi

    lluigi Dancer

    @Dancer so this is what he spent the last week on instead of fixing his anticheat and kb
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  3. Dancer

    Dancer New Member

    Give him his due at least he is doing something.
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  4. MLGProGamer123

    MLGProGamer123 Viva La Vida

    Snorting Cheeto powder?
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  5. Dancer

    Dancer New Member

    Isn't he always doing that?
  6. MLGProGamer123

    MLGProGamer123 Viva La Vida

    Maybe he overdosed this time.
  7. lluigi

    lluigi Dancer

    fingers crossed
  8. cdennis02

    cdennis02 Forums Addict/OmegaAso

    Ok so I have this decent build I worked on and I wanted to post it in general to see if people like or no is this kinda what this is like?

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