Kellyfornia abuse

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Superkazu, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    jailed me because someone said i trapped them when i didn't. Didn't have any proof to back my up, he was just helping out his friend

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  2. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is SnowBagel. Staff Member Mod

    Lol, in the screenshot, you literally just told me you did it. Which is why you are in there, it's not hard to understand my dude.
  3. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    how? i never said i did anything? and what was i jailed for?
  4. MetaMonkeyz

    MetaMonkeyz Ign is SnowBagel. Staff Member Mod

    "You can punish someone for sarcasm" you basically just told me in that that you trapped.
    Also, your alt was jailed for obvious jail evading.
  5. Superkazu

    Superkazu New Member

    Alt? I don't have an alt so you probably just jailed some random person. And don't you see the sarcasm in, "You can jail someone for sarcasm?"

    oh and strange that you jailed me for dispenser trapping which i didn't do, and yet there's no rule about that on the forums or server. Soooo you jailed me for nothing anyways

    my bad looked at the wrong forums post apparently there's two about the rules

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