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Shall they add it?

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  1. xXDragonFacezXx

    xXDragonFacezXx The dragon within you

    Hi, I think you should add these commands to plot world only because it's really annoying how me and others can't use the following permissions when needed.
    /p add - So a person can get help if needed.
    /sethome - Incase you need to go and Set home somewhere in the sky or something.
    2+ plots - This would be really useful so people can have stuff like farms on 1 plot and their main stuff on another.
    more stuff in /shop Like Wood, Signs, Diamond, Iron, Gold tools.
    Able to craft stuff
    /tpa - So we can tpa to our friends (Although the issue is they can spam someone that's In the KitPvP world)
    and any more perms
    Thank you for reading My Suggestion and I hope they can be added to make life easier for people that use plotworld.

    PS: add them in 1 world by doing:
    /pex group <group> add <command> <world> - It works.
  2. Jerry2kewl

    Jerry2kewl From Ebay C/O $6.95 Staff Member Mod

    theres already been suggestions like this.. you aren't the first. Sadly, it won't be taken into consideration because plots are useless in a sense that its on kitpvp. Idk surge probably won't take this into consideration with the next update, unless everyone wants it, rather than like four people wanting it.
  3. xXDragonFacezXx

    xXDragonFacezXx The dragon within you

    Hmkay thank you..
  4. Lordnelson

    Lordnelson Nope

    Won't happen.
    The only thing needed is /p h.
  5. xXDragonFacezXx

    xXDragonFacezXx The dragon within you

    Its worth a try... lol
  6. Or maybe /fly in ur plot...

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