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    ok some of yall remember me as Error_Unknown_Id yea cringe but i was watching a youtube video and NoahCraft was in my recommendation and i seen squadcraft and brooooo this brought hella memories ever since i was like what 11/ 12 LMFAO and i joined the server and everything is changed and now im here and yooo yall were like good friends i miss all the OG people. slowalmond oh god LMAO jaydubb . jraptor . cheeesequacks :( i remember playing factions. u guys were dope. anyone still plays? (not just minecraft) i fucking miss everyone man. skywars was fun asf especially when i number 1 and the only one with no rank lmao. heres my discord if anyone is still out there justino#1283 i wish this server was still a thing it was so fun playng with u guys and thank u guys for everything (cringe) LFMOA <3 ily
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    Aye I remember you Error in kitpvp
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    Missed you too buddy. Jay and I have started playing again occasionally. If you ever wanna re-visit the good old times with us, let me know. ;)

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